Obessions Of Late

One from each medium!  Here are some of the things I’ve been obsessing over this week.


the center of winter

The Center of Winter by Marya Hornbacher.  I know I promised to quit talking about this book, but I finally finished it this week and my love has only grown.  I legit almost turned back to the beginning and started rereading it once I finished the last page!

This novel was truly the most beautiful piece of fiction that I’ve ever read.  In addition to the gorgeous writing, and narration that let you feel as if you stopped to rest awhile inside the narrators’ heads, the plot was wrenching, and real, and funny, and sweet.  I was quite pleased with the ending!

I am begging y’all – go read this book!!!


parks and rec

Parks and Recreation.  Adam and I prefer to binge watch our shows on Netflix, and most of the television I’ve loved I’ve discovered long after it was already off the air (Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, Life, the Stargates…), so it feels like a real treat to have the final season of Parks and Rec to look forward to in real-time this Spring.

I love Scrubs so much that I mentioned it in my wedding vows, and I’m a complete Whedon devotee, so I’m sort of amazed to realize that I might think that Parks and Rec is the best show of all time.  Amy Poehler is too funny and smart and cute.  Plus Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones are so stunning that they take my breath away (they’re also wonderful actors) and Chris Pratt is basically my new favorite.

Plus, I can’t stand when shows use silly relationship drama as the main vehicle to move the plot forward, and I am obsessed with the fact that strong female characters in television/film almost never get to be happy in love concurrently with success in their careers, so the many happy, healthy, realistic couples on Parks and Rec thrill me.


“Take Me to Church” from Hozier.  His sound is unique but it grows on you really quickly.  Adam hated this song the first time I made him listen to it and now he begs me to play it on my phone when we’re lying in bed.  The lyrics are really clever and wonderful; they remind me a bit of Regina Spektor minus the scatting.  Plus the video is gorgeous and brave.  <– lots of adjectives I know, apparently I have a lot of feels today!

What book, show, and/or song has rocked your world lately?

3 thoughts on “Obessions Of Late

  1. I am reading Wasted right now and will read her novel next. I’d love to hear you talk more about what you said you would last week, which is the impact Wasted had on you. It is sad but so well written; I’m finding it fascinating. Your raves about the novel are making me so excited to read it!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to read it! And that you are enjoying the memoir! Her memoir on her bipolar disorder is pretty great too. I keep meaning to write a post about literature but putting it off; I will make sure I get it done for next week.

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