Weekend Wrap-Up; Vampire Weekend

It’s 2 in the afternoon, so allow me to say “good morning!”  Does that sound strange to anyone?  Adam worked nights Friday through Sunday so we’ve been keeping a vampire’s schedule.  There’s been a lot of this –


I don’t like it when he’s gone, my sleep pattern is all out of whack and I definitely live like a teenager when he’s not around.  Case in point – Saturday night I watched terrible movies (“One for the Money” and “Abduction”) and ate candy (Sour Patch Kids and chocolate-covered gummi bears) for dinner.

I ate a lot (a lot) of junk this weekend, but I did manage to throw some pretty gourmet meals in there as well.  If last week was all about the jalapeño, this was the weekend of bacon!


On the go.


We had to eat on the way while running errands so I made us something portable.  A terrible, god-awful smoothie.


Pumpkin, frozen kale, frozen banana, Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, and a bit of maple.  This had such potential but the kale didn’t fully blend and chewing threw it was horrifying.  I forced down 90% for the nutrients, but did not enjoy it.

My TJ’s pumpkin cereal bar was much better.


I thought the filling was great; sweet and spicy.  And how cute is the labeling?!


We bought these when we were a little loopy from sleeplessness and Adam thought the pun was seriously the funniest thing ever.  We spent the rest of the evening making variations on this joke – “A strawberry asks a pumpkin on a date… what happens next?”

Another kale fail.


I just could not win on the kale front this week.  Again, these eggs had potential, but there just seemed to be sooooo much kale and we both hated them.

Offending eggs.


Delicious turkey bacon.


Side of grapes.


At least the other components were good.  And I shared many bites of egg with the dog, who was such a good boy about eating his greens!


On Saturday two of our good friends from Buffalo (who are now living in Rochester for medical residency) came up to visit.  We met up for a lovely lunch at Bareburger.


I got the Western Burger, with a turkey burger, sans bun.  Smoked mozzarella / country turkey bacon / house-made Carolina slaw / smokehouse sauce / topped with a crispy, spicy pickle spear.


So fricking good!  That hunk on the side was my pickle, which blew my mind.

A sandwich at home.


A whole-wheat bagel thin with turkey bacon, brie, and pumpkin butter.


This combo was ridiculous.

Plus the last of the grapes.


I have not been eating enough fruit this fall and it was nice to have something other than apples in the house.


More greens, more grapes.


A big pile of chicken salad.


Kale chips.


This was the only iteration of kale that I actually enjoyed this weekend.

The carb portion of dinner was consumed in the car on the way home from the store.


Adam and I split a TJ’s soft pretzel stick and loved it.  Great chew!

I even whipped myself up a drink while I made dinner.


October is National Caramel Month and Sobieski sent me some samples of their Karamel Vodka to celebrate.


Note – I received the vodka samples free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Here was my attempt at a Caramel Apple Cocktail –

  • 2 oz Sobieski Karamel Vodka
  • 2 oz Sour Apple Pucker
  • splash Polar Granny Smith Apple Seltzer


The vodka was good, but next time I’d go with a 2:1 ratio of vodka to Pucker, the sour apple flavor was a little strong!

Soup’s up.


Last night we ate big bowls of my Loaded Potato Soup.

Truffles for dessert.


I’ve raved about Alter Eco’s Silk chocolate line in the past and they sweetly sent me some of their newest product – Dark Velvet Truffles.



Note – I received the truffles free of charge.  I was not provided further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

The truffles, which are also available in Black, are organic, fair trade, and non-GMO.  They are made with coconut oil, a more sustainable option than palm kernel oil (I didn’t taste any coconut flavor).


I thought that the truffles were great; nice and creamy!  The husband hates dark chocolate as a rule, but loved the Silk bars so I will have him try one of the truffles and report back.

Have a great week!

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