Weekly Wrap-Up; Jalapeño Business

Lots of repetition on the food front this week – eggs, cheese, kale, and jalapeño were the featured players! And this is another recap that’s light on content; lots of take-out and several late nights (and therefore late mornings) are to blame.  I’ve got the 10 items I did manage to photograph ranked increasingly by greatness.

{1} Pumpkin oats.

DSC05041Sadly this item was so far from greatness as to just be bad.  The bowl had such potential: oats, Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, chia seeds, cottage cheese, a smidge of vanilla extract and maple syrup, coconut, crunchy Barney Butter, and pumpkin.

DSC05036It was terrible.  The pumpkin was sooooooo savory and squashy.  And this was a fresh can of Libby’s too!?

{2} Baked tomatoes with egg and cheese with a side of kale chips.

DSC05092This was a recipe from Cooking Light but I threw away the magazine and I can’t find it online.

DSC05096DSC05099The dish turned out very well but apparently I’m not a huge fan of baked tomatoes.

{3} White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M’s.

DSC05113Regular m&m’s don’t really thrill me but this seasonal variety (along with the mint dark chocolate) is delicious.

{4} Taco night.

DSC05081Leftover taco shells topped with Ortega Thick and Chunky Salsa and stuffed with eggs – scrambled with spinach and jalapeños.  We continued to be impressed with the taco shells and the filling was delicious, including the little bit of extra I stuck on the side of my plate.

DSC05083DSC05076We definitely need to do taco night more often.

{5} Chicago Mix.

DSC05110Adam and I were obsessed with the caramel and cheddar “golden mix” from the popcorn shop and the Buffalo mall and this will substitute nicely.

{6} Eggs for breakfast.

DSC05116Eggs scrambled with sautéed kale, cottage cheese, and Parmesan.

DSC05121Plus a baby apple.

DSC05120This was a winner, and you’ll see most of the components again in #7.

{7} Cheesy mac.

DSC05107Annie’s Mac and Cheese with peas, Parmesan, and eggs (scrambled with cottage cheese and jalapeño).

DSC05104Stirring the eggs into the pasta was so genius, I’m never serving macaroni the traditional way again.  And the parm was grated by hand, making this feel extra fancy.

{8} Whole Foods hot bar.

DSC05042Kale salad with a bit of mac and cheese.  Plus fried plantains for dessert.

DSC05045Ugh, plantains are too good.  So sweet and chewy.

{9} Everything bagel with jalapeño cheddar cream cheese.

DSC05089DSC05085This was from La Bagel Delight, a spot in Park Slope that makes the best bagels in the city.  They blend the cream cheese in shop, look that those giant hunks –


{10} Homemade nachos with candied jalapeños.

DSC05056How could nachos with candied jalapeño possibly not be the single best thing I ate all week?

DSC05050Some roasted green beans,

DSC05058piled next to nachos.  Late July Multigrain Chips with 2% sharp cheddar and candied jalapeños.


What was the single best thing you ate this week?

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