Random Rants

I don’t know how much this comes across on the blog, but people in my real life know that I pretty much hate everyone.  For funsies, I thought I’d share a few of my random pet peeves here today.

1. People who say “vaca” when they mean “vacay.”


Vacay = the annoying abbreviation for vacation.  Vaca = the Spanish word for cow.  Twittiots, unless you’re physically riding a cow, you are on vacay.

2. Airline passengers who use the overhead space improperly.


Like the stewardesses announce every single flight, you are supposed to put your smaller items under the seat in front of you and save the overhead space for items that won’t fit under the seat.  When you put your coat in the overhead – everyone else hates you.

3. Starbucks baristas who ignore you when you order “with room.”


I appreciate that Starbucks is watching their bottom line and baristas don’t want customers to go completely crazy at the milk bar, but if I order my drink “with room” and you hand me a cup that’s filled to within 1 cm of the top, I’m going to dump out even more coffee than necessary and go ahead and upgrade my iced coffee to a free latte.

4. People who don’t understand the Saltine Challenge.


Anyone can fit all of the crackers into their mouth within the time limits, the challenging part is actually swallowing them.  You did not beat the challenge unless your crackers are gone and your mouth is empty.

What are some of your random pet peeves?  Let the hate flow through you…

2 thoughts on “Random Rants

  1. Sharing an office space where food is consumed and they eat (if thats what you would call it) so loud and noisily they make the dog look quiet. And chewing gum like a cow, you don’t look cool, you look like arrogant cattle.

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