Weekly Wrap-Up; Fun Fruit

Not too much excitement this week – as the title implies, literally the most thrilling thing in this post is grapes.  It was a week of great dinners, but I’m missing every breakfast so I figured it would be easier to recap via numbered list than in categories.

{1} Frog Hollow plums.



I tried Frog Hollow produce at the first FoodBuzz Festival and it’s been near to my heart ever since.

{2} Super exciting cotton candy grapes with a boring cheese quesadilla.



The quesadilla was just a flour tortilla, sprinkled with a Mexican cheese blend and folded in half, cooked in a little canola oil.


The grapes were these guys


I’d been seeing them make the rounds on Instagram and was so excited to spot them at my Whole Foods.  The taste is just slightly sweeter grape, but the smell is totally cotton candy.  Even Adam, who’s not a grape lover, was a fan.

{3} Dipping the grapes in peanut butter makes a mind-blowing snack.


It helps if you have extra-awesome peanut butter too; homemade honey roasted peanut butter with cotton candy grapes equals a classed-up, deconstructed pb&j.

{4} Melted cheese makes an even better snack.


Blue Diamond Flax Artisan Nut Thins (former freebie) with extra-sharp New York cheddar melted on top.  Note – the flax ended up being our favorite variety the nut thins by far.  It had a great saltiness to it.  I don’t have a single picture because every damn time I made this I was blown away by how molten hot our new microwave makes our plates.

{5} New yogurt variety.


Siggi’s 2% Mango Pineapple yogurt (does anyone know why this flavor is not listed on the website?) did not disappoint.  I do enjoy the flavor of fat-free yogurts, but Siggi’s 2% varieties have been far superior.

{6} Banoffee pie chocolate bar.


My parents sent us this from Amsterdam.

{6} Creamy pasta bowls.


I basically re-made the sauce and pasta base of my vegan mac and cheese, but with Mozzarella Vegan Gourmet Shreds.  Then I tossed in 20 oz of browned mushrooms a blend of collard greens, kale and mustard greens (a blend bag from the frozen section at WF).  The mushrooms were the best part, as always.


The final dish wasn’t necessarily bad, but we both wanted it to be better.

{7} #6 was infinitely better as jazzed-up leftovers.


I tossed in olive oil, dried rosemary, turkey pepperoni, and garlic (I grated it with my microplane and it was awesome), and then put it all in a casserole dish with some extra-sharp cheddar on top and rebaked until crispy.


This meal we couldn’t get enough of.  And the roasted yellow zucchini on the side was nothing to sneeze at either.


Adam put his leftover leftovers in the fridge and I totally snaked them for lunch the next day.

{8} Lunch at the Peanut Butter Co.


I got a fluffernutter with White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter.


Out of this world.  It was so packed with marshmallow that even I couldn’t quite finish it!

{9} Take-out from Laverne.


I got Pad See Ew with mock dock and we were both very pleased with it.


Their menu is an impressive blend of French, Thai, and Japanese and we definitely want to go there asap.  Psssst; read the description of this roll – D’ Artagnan Roll: Inside: foie gras marinated in truffle oil mixed with chopped black winter truffles, garlic and yellowtail. Topped with black caviar and seared yellowtail served with miso-abolone sauce(!!!!!!).

{10} Pizza eggs.



Let’s not even pretend like I didn’t save my favorite for last.

Have you tried the cotton candy grapes yet?

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