Weekly Wrap-Up; Just Desserts

As I was looking through my camera, I thought – “I have enough pictures of sweet stuff to fill a whole post;” so I wrote one just for them.  These treats were spread out over the course of a week or so, but still, holy sugar rush, Batman!

Once I started writing, I was glad that I decided to let the sugar shine.  This post has a recipe, a theme, and two recommendations for NYC spots that are worth hoping on a plane for, more than enough for one day.

The recipe is for Brown Sugar Cinnamon Popsicles.

DSC04352They have a Greek yogurt base and are technically healthy enough to eat for breakfast but it was more fun to call them dessert.  I did something amazing with them that I’ll share further down…

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Popsicles, makes 3-5 pops, depending on the size of your molds

  • 1 cup plain 2% Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup light brown sugar
  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and whisk until homogenous.
  2. Pour into popsicle molds.
  3. Freeze until fully hardened, 6 hours minimum.

DSC04347I know the weather is starting to get too chilly for frozen stuff, but the flavor profile is spot on for Fall.

Speaking of Fall, it’s Apple Month!

DSC04294Can I rave about my three new favorite things?

These De-Lish apple caramels (from Duane Reade) are out of control.

DSC04334Perfect caramel texture – chewy without sticking in your teeth – with just a hint of apple tang.  I even baked some into cinnamon caramel apple cookies with moderate success.

DSC04336But then I gave Adam one to try and it was all over; he finished the bag practically before I could blink!

And the Russell Stover apple caramel was even better.

DSC04297DSC04300I honestly would have preferred it without the chocolate coating, but the caramel inside was the best I’ve ever had.

Finally, I know I’ve gushed about the Granny Smith Polar before, but now I’ve taken it to a whole new level of amazing.

DSC04354If you do go ahead and make my Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popsicles, pretty please use one as “ice” in a glass of Granny Smith Polar Seltzer so your life can be forever changed?

Also life changing was our visit to Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn.

DSC04359DSC04360That, my friends, is a kid’s cup of Salted Crack Caramel Ice Cream.  “Salted butter caramel ice cream with pieces of Deb’s famous crack cookies (saltines, butter, sugar, chocolate).”

My final New York recommendation for this week is Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine, a bakery in SoHo.

DSC04373DSC04369They make our very, very favorite cupcakes; they’re the best in the city and also the cheapest!  Adam got a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting.

DSC04376And I finally ignored the cupcakes’ siren song and tried something I’ve been coveting for years –

DSC04371A shot of The Nog: pumpkin cake, eggnog pudding, and whipped cream.

DSC04378This trifle sooooo lived up to my fantasy.  Normally I wouldn’t dare eat pumpkin before November or eggnog before December, but this was totally worth breaking my food theme rules for!

What’s the #1 dessert spot you recommend to people visiting your town?

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