Apples And Honey

A not-so-fun weekend moment was somehow deleting half of my photos when I went to upload them.  Here were some of the yummy moments…

Tacoway Beach at Rockaway Beach.


I got a fish taco with guac.


And we went down the road to Connolly’s Pub for frozen piña coladas.


Best frozen drink we’ve ever had.

Meatball Shop.



This chicken sandwich was good but not as good as the next one.

BBQ at The Smoke Joint.


I got a pulled chicken sandwich that I smothered in North Carolina-style bbq sauce.  Their cole slaw is amazing; sweet and tangy.

Kale salad from Pork Slope.


This was the junk food of kale salads – greens smothered in “Srirancha” dressing with cheddar cheese and housemade potato chip crumbles.

Apples and Honey for Rosh Hashanah.


Fage 2% Greek yogurt + apples cooked with cinnamon and butter + honey + chia seeds + salted caramel apple granola.

We made the ubiquitous (<– for good reason!) toffee candy.


I used graham crackers instead of saltines and added pretzels and pecans.


So freaking good.

Barcade for pumpkin beer and many, many rounds of Q-Bert and Tapper.  I made it to level three on both despite numerous attempts to go further.


This weekend also involved several games of Jenga and darts.  I was better at both than I would have expected!


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