This Week’s Top Five

{1} My coffee combo.


Community Coffee with cocoa powder, maple cinnamon, cream, and milk.


The cocoa doesn’t really mix in with the cold coffee but it’s still good.


Now I want to do a coconut-cocoa coffee next.

{2} Bars.



Most nights this week I was soooo hungry when I got home and having these to grab saved me from some major hangry fits.  Not that we still didn’t go get Chipotle instead of cooking two nights in a row.

{3} This lunch.  Trimona plain yogurt with Heritage Flakes, chia seeds, and chopped emerald beauty and honey punch pluots. <– how great are those names??!


Plus a bourbon brown butter caramel and a salty caramel apple taffy for dessert.

{4} This fancy Thursday night dinner.


I sautéed spinach with minced ginger, garlic aioli, and evoo, then tossed in gnocchi and roasted zucchini.


Topped with this hot smoked sockeye from Trader Joe’s.



Best meal of the week!  The salmon was wonderful; I love hot smoked because it has a similar flavor to lox but not the slimy texture.

{5} Caramel apple Peeps.  OMG.


These were seriously delicious; are all Peeps this yummy??  They were puffy and not too chewy and they had a perfect balance of sour dust to sweet caramel fudge.  I’m awarding this best purchase yet for Apple Month.

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