Weekly Wrap-Up; Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Today does not feel like a Friday to me at all (tomorrow, technically, while I’m writing this post).  I keep being pleasantly surprised, a perk of the Monday off.

This was a strange week for me in terms of hunger; y’all know that I usually eat enough food to sustain a small village, but thanks to a migraine and a day of leftover migraine ickiness my hunger has been on hiatus.  Thanks to less food eaten, and less time since my last post, I actually have photos of 95% of my eats!  All you’re really missing is several more iced coffees with skim milk and nibbles while I cooked the dinners.

Off we go…

I am obsessed with Brooklyn Roasting Company and Adam sweetly surprised me with a tin of their Iris Espresso {maple / sugar-plum / cocoa / spice} this weekend.


I was so excited about it that I woke up early enough on Tuesday to brew and drink a cup of coffee before leaving for work!  This blend is legit, even from our crappy coffee maker this was my favorite cup of BRC yet.


Even leftover the next day, with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and SCM, it was delicious.

Cafeteria lunch.


Sweet onion kettle chips and a cup of buffalo blue cheese soup from the cafeteria.

Do you remember the cup of amazing bbq sauce that Fletcher’s sent me home with?  We used it in amazing sandwiches.


This was the best meal of the week.


We doused some chopped roasted chicken in our sauce, then served it on onion buns with a schmear of Miracle Whip.


The veggie component was baby bok choy, mushrooms, and shredded carrot, cooked with evoo, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and hot pepper jam, with sesame seeds and fried shallots tossed in at the end.


I don’t cook bok choy enough, it’s one of my favorites.

Yogurt lunch.  I stirred together fresh blueberries, a mix of Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes and Quaker Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares, and a pineapple Chobani.  Plus an apple on the side.


I didn’t think to check the label before I bought it, but apparently the new 100 calorie Chobani line is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit?!  Yuck.  I hate the taste of stevia, but realized it was in there too late after everything was stirred together.

I had big plans for Wednesday’s dinner – I was going to make two sets of meals so I was prepped for the rest of the week – but instead I rolled around with a migraine.  When I finally was ready to eat it was after 10 pm, so I just made a sandwich.


I’m not really complaining though, at least it was an exciting sandwich.


French toast bagel topped with 2 slices of Applegate Farms smoked turkey, an egg, and 1 oz of Brie.

Oatmeal lunch.


Blueberry hazelnut oatmeal from Quaker topped Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter to continue the theme.  Plus an Ambrosia apple that was sweet and juicy.

Dipping snack.


Baby carrots with Sabra olive tapenade hummus.  I liked the blend of two of my favorite Mediterranean flavors.

Ridiculous cookies.


Adam and I aren’t quite sure what to think of them.  150 calories for 2 cookies is pretty horrifying when you realize the cookies are practically silver dollar sized.

Last night I made the easier of Wednesday’s planned meals.


The Za’atar veggie burgers were part of my box from Sweet Earth Foods.


Please note – this item was sent to me free of charge to review.  I was not provided with further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.


The burgers were nowhere near as good as the terrific bacon, but they weren’t bad.  Sadly the flavor was fairly “Bland, now with spices.”  But I liked the textural aspect of the flax seeds.  And they cooked up very quickly, making them an easy 230 calorie, 6 grams of fiber, 18 grams of protein vegan option.  I went back and topped mine with mustard.

On the side was TJ’s Cruciferous Crunch Collection – kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and green and red cabbage – sautéed with champagne pear vinaigrette, chopped pecans, and dried blueberries.


I forgot our fresh corn on the cob in the fridge, but we didn’t even miss it once we tasted how good the vegetables were.  I highly recommend adding dried blueberries the next time you sauté greens.

FYI – I wrote a guest post on prenatal nutrition on Kath Eats.

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