Weekly Wrap-Up; Busy Busy

Whew, has it been a busy week! I can’t even tell y’all, work has been wiping me out. <– Hence the 1.5 day late blog post.

Wednesday night I got home around 6:00, then sat at my desk with my boots and coat on until 8:00 when Adam got home and I finally had to get up! Then Thursday I managed to undress, and even get halfway into my gym clothes, before crawling under the covers and calling it a night.


For the most part, I’ve stopped blogging coffee that isn’t extra exciting in some way, but you can assume I’m still obsessed and drink a cup whenever I can get my hands on it.

A NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bar.


Starbucks spectacular.


A tall nonfat iced vanilla macchiato.


And the almond blend.


Coffee and cereal.


Chocolate Krave, plus there was a packet of hot chocolate stirred into my coffee. And today I stirred hazelnut hot chocolate into hazelnut coffee and it rocked my face off.




A Cara Cara. DSC08846

And the rest of the turkey reuben mac and cheese.


An awesome cafeteria lunch.  I mixed together cream chowder and cheese soup, with popcorn on the side.


Cereal on the go. DSC08875

Blackberries and a very unripe nectarine.

DSC08881 Fage lime 2% Greek yogurt.


And Quaker Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares and chia seeds.


I was starving by the time lunch rolled around so I also bought a biscuit from the cafeteria.


On Thursday I saw patients straight from 9 – 4. Then I had chocolate and diet soda at my desk while I charted and it was heavenly.



Kiss Me Organics offered me a sample of their Organic Matcha powder. Adam is obsessed so I readily accepted.


I haven’t tried baking with it yet, but it blends perfectly into smoothies and lattes – both almond milk for me and skim cow’s for Adam. The flavor is delicious, not at all acrid like green tea can sometimes be. My only complaint is that the bag doesn’t list serving instructions or nutritional information.


Matcha in a smoothie. I did pineapple, tea, ice, vanilla almond milk, ice and Fage lime 2% Greek yogurt.


Good in theory but the lime flavor was a little too much.

Dannon coffee Greek frozen yogurt with lavender caramel and roasted peanuts.


I also ate about a million handfuls of peanuts this week because holy frick, salty peanuts are so good!

Inner Peas from Trader Joe’s = my new favorite snack. They are exactly the texture I like to crunch on.


Jelly Beans.


Strawberry jam with toasted marshmallow is the best.


Adam worked Monday night so I made myself a giant bowl of cereal for dinner.


Heritage Flakes and Reese’s Puffs with vanilla almond milk, a giant nectarine, and half a pint of blackberries.

“Pad Thai” with shrimp and broccoli.


The quotation marks are because I used whole wheat linguine instead of the traditional rice noodles.


Sandwich night.


Sourdough toasted in the oven with strawberry jam, Bone Suckin’ mustard, and two slices of sharp cheddar, with a fried egg in the middle.


Is there a better combination than cheese, egg, and jam?  I know ideally there would be a vegetable on that plate but when you consider that I slept through dinner the next night it doesn’t seem so bad.

And as soon as I hit publish I’m off to dinner with the husband. We are trying a Mexican place I’m quite excited about.

Have a great weekend!

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