Weekend Wrap-Up; I’ve Got Recipes To Share

Like the title says – “I’ve got recipes to share!”  I managed to whip up some really great meals this weekend.  That accomplishment is even more impressive when you consider the cold I’m working through.  <– let’s consider my horn fully tooted, huh?  I was talking to my dad on Saturday morning about how glad I was to have missed Adam’s recent bout of illness and by that night I felt terrible.  Unfortunately I’ve felt progressively worse since.  Hopefully tomorrow will put me on the upswing.

breakfasts and snacks

Recipe #1 – Almond Joy Baked Oatmeal.


This stuff was yummy.  Click the link above for the recipe.


Green apple slices dipped in melty peanut butter.


We tried a new type of citrus from Whole Foods, pixie tangerines.  They were great; nice and sweet with no seeds.


Healthy or sick, I’m all about the coffee.  Iced brown sugar cinnamon latte from Dunkin.


Tall iced vanilla macchiato from Starbucks just a few hours later.  I asked for regular drizzle but sugar-free syrup and it was a definite improvement.


And a clover-brewed Kona blend during my last set of errands the next day.


A handful of chocolates.


Adam and I split this Southern Hibiscus and Peach Milk Chocolate Bar.  There were little bits of chewy peach embedded throughout.


I made the best milkshake.  Dannon Oikos Café Latte Greek Frozen Yogurt blended with chocolate milk and toasted coconut.  It rocked my socks off.


I had several sips of the husband’s Polar Vortex.


Usually we don’t have the same taste in beers but we both thought this Dunkel Lager was delicious.


Our Mexican dinner fell through on Friday.  Several false starts later, we ended up at Mint.


I had Jack Daniels Honey with mint, lime, and simple syrup to drink.


On my plate was rice with sauce from Adam’s chicken and a big pile of bhindi-do-pyaza – okra sautéed with onion and tomato.


Our food was good but it was so flipping loud in there that I’m not sure we’ll ever go back.

Dinners at home were much better.  Like Sweet Onion, Bacon, Blue Cheese Burgers.


On a slice of buttered, toasted sourdough with a pile of pea shoots on top.


And last night we had shrimp and veggie (white)rice bowls.


I used this recipe as a guide but went with pepper jelly and grapefruit juice.


Plus we bulked our bowls up with roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


Adam said I hit it out of the park!  That was the last of our big bag of frozen shrimp and I definitely want to buy more.

Did you make anything great this weekend?

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