Weekend Wrap-Up; Snoozy Saturday

My predicted “hours in the kitchen” did not end up coming to fruition this weekend.  Instead, I got the tail end of Adam’s cold and spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday in bed.  Saturday I got up twice to pee and once to eat a huge bowl of cereal and other than that I was under the covers until the husband got home for dinner!  I don’t have a ton to share in this post, but at least I got to snuggle with Webster!

Dinner from the Trader Joe’s frozen aisle.


Pad See Ew with veggies and tofu.


DSC08805And frozen asparagus cooked with lime juice and honey roasted almonds.


The asparagus was pretty mushy, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the noodles.  Sidenote – I impulse bought TJ’s “Inner Peas” at the store this weekend and was impressed with them as well.

My very last peppermint divinity candy.


I’m sure my parents won’t mind sending me more next December, right guys??

Sushi take-out from Kisso on Saturday.


I got the vegetarian special,


and an order of vegetable goyza.


The dumplings were great.  I shared with Adam because they reminded me of the dumplings we were obsessed with from Wegman’s hot bar.  Then we shared a bag of Juicy Bears 🙂

Sunday I made it out of bed and off to the store – with very necessary pit stops to shower and caffeinate – so I could make dinner at home.  My Turkey Reuben Mac and Cheese.


I subbed in Orecchiette for macaroni and added broccoli and truffle salt.

We had a round of creamy pink grapefruit spritzers for drinks/dessert.



Outside of your college years, when is the latest you’ve ever slept in?

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