Weekly Highlights

I don’t have enough pictures to constitute a wrap-up post this week, but I am going to share some of the highlights.  What you’re not seeing is all of the meals that I purchased out – which was pretty much all of them.  Also three million pieces of gummy candy, give or take.

This week was very busy; I literally just was not home most nights to cook my own food.  And the few I was home, Adam was working at night so my motivation to cook my own food was quite low.  One day I had last-minute shopping errands.  One day I had a professional development on nutrition for cardiovascular disease (<– it was great!) that kept me in Manhattan until after 10 pm, meaning I didn’t get back home again until almost midnight.  And one day I had to go back to the salon to fix my janky hair.


I couldn’t get a good picture, but all of the color bled out of the front leaving me with gray/green pieces that looked highly unprofessional.  Now I’m back to boring brown and the purple will be sorely missed!

Here were some of the very best bites from this week…

Rice bowls three days straight?  Why not?


DSC08781DSC08795A strawberry aloe yogurt drink that I split with Adam.


A fantasmic cup of Quatro Leches (Tres Leches plus dulce de leche) that I found at the grocery store.


A delicious packed work lunch of oatmeal with kettle-cooked apples.


DSC08775DSC08771And last, but certainly not least, a Creamy Pink Grapefruit Spritzer.  Which, ps, Adam liked so much he actually asked for the recipe and made one on his own.


That’s all, folks!  I have looks of kitchen time planned for my weekend so I promise the next wrap-up will have a little more tofu meat.

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