Insta-Wrap-Up; V

I love these posts – because I’m pretty sure most of my blog readers do not also follow me on instagram so the content is totally fresh for most of you – but I am not the best at getting them up regularly.  Probably because I tend to forget about instagram for weeks at a time.  I do love it though.

{so long} purple hair

At the salon.

pre-purple hair

Day one.

hello purple hair

Giant gray streaks where the color bleed out a mere 10 days in .

goodbye purple hair

Nails that look swirly purple but were actually painted a pale nude – the color you’re seeing is dye from my hair!

purple nails

And now I’m back to boring brown.  😦

working hard for the $

Coffee tea break.

tea break

Info on lactose intolerance awareness month.

got milk

The bag of make-up I keep in my desk for the days when the frigid wind makes me cry off my mascara.


Honestly though, the day I took that picture I had just completely forgotten to put any on before I left the house!

#ootd, aka selfie gallery

Wearing red for women’s heart health awareness.  Yes, that was more than a month ago.

women's heart health

And you know I bought a t-shirt repping National Nutrition Month/RD Day.

national nutrition month tee

Is it weird that I think this outfit is the most grown-up thing I’ve ever worn?


The sweet ruffles on the adorable hoodie my mom sent me.

lace hoodie

The hood is lined with lace.  <– squee!

dog love – I always have to end with photos of my man


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