Weekly Wrap-Up; All Hallow’s Eve

Did you do anything exciting this Halloween?  We definitely did not!  I didn’t carve a pumpkin (Adam did a very nice one though), I didn’t pass out candy, I didn’t wear a costume… I didn’t even manage to wear orange and black.  In theory Halloween is one of my favorite holidays {I live for all things themed} but I always get lazy with execution.  At least I had my month of pumpkin brews.  And we certainly ate enough candy!

breakfast things

Breakfast at the ‘Bucks.  <– please don’t call it that

DSC05386Coffee for rent; a blonde roast with 3 sugars and lots of skim milk.  I have a very hard time drinking hot coffee unsweetened, it tastes much more bitter/sour than iced to me.


DSC05391Coconut Macaroon, a NEW flavor of LÄRABAR über that I found.  The uber line makes my favorite Larabars and I thought that this flavor was spot on.

DSC05389Plus I had another “coffee” after I left.

DSC05396I didn’t think this Harney and Sons Organic Coffee Tea actually tasted much like coffee, but the tea flavor was very nice.  I like my (bottled) teas just a bit sweet, with honey or cane sugar instead of an artificial sweetener.

Another morning I tasted the other new flavor.

DSC05440The Sticky Bun flavor was fine, nice even, but the taste was total pecans, not a hint of cinnamon to it.  I bought both flavors in duplicate when I spotted them though so expect to see this again.

On a similar note – I also didn’t think that this Brown Cow Cream Top Coffee Yogurt tasted enough like coffee.

DSC05437But it was still nice topped with honey and roasted peanuts.  I just haven’t found a coffee flavored yogurt that can match the Dannon from my childhood.

lunch and dinner things

A home version of a Moe’s bowl.

DSC05411I ate chips and salsa while I cooked to stay on theme.

DSC05401The chips were Garden of Eatin’ with Chia Seed.

DSC05403They aren’t listed on the website(?) but they are worth checking out if you spot them at your store.

Our homemade bowls were just as delicious as the original.  We used a base of TJ’s organic jasmine rice (<– microwavable!).

DSC05407Topped with taco turkey: 98% lean ground turkey cooked with diced green pepper, chicken broth, and Ortega Taco Seasoning.

DSC05413Spinach: I stacked the leaves and then sliced.  We loved it served this way!

DSC05417Caramelized onions: I always cook them this way now.

DSC05420Cheese: TJ’s 2% Mexican 4 Cheese Blend.

DSC05421And cream: a dollop of low-fat sour cream.

DSC05425All stirred together it was quite good, but this meal could have used some hot sauce.

More chia chips, this time as nachos for lunch.

DSC05428Chips with the cheddar/gouda blend melted on top in the oven.

DSC05433Plus a Sweet Tango on the side for juice.

DSC05431I made Adam loaded nachos with our taco turkey leftovers and he was crazy for them.

Whole Foods hot bar.

DSC05464Kale salad, Cesar salad, roasted butternut squash, and macaroni and cheese.

DSC05466The squash and Cesar bites were my favorite.

pumpkin(g) things

DSC05472I bought this “Halloween shapes” macaroni to serve on Thursday because we are pretty much five years old.

DSC05448I think I ended up making a pretty grown-up meal out of it.

DSC05452Salad on the bottom.  Baby spinach with gorgonzola dressed with a sprinkle of pink salt and 1 tsp each honey and evoo.

DSC05455Topped with pasta.  Mac and cheese with edamame, browned mushrooms, and a can of Bella smoked sardines in lemon olive oil.

DSC05458I am still shocked that my palate has matured enough for sardines.

Dunkin Donuts pumpkin white chocolate iced coffee with skim milk.

DSC05446Just pretend that sleeve is orange!

Harpoon Pumpkin UFO.

DSC05462This was my favorite pumpkin beer of the season but I still shared a lot of it with the husband.

ACE Pumpkin Hard Cider.

DSC05442This was definitely just apple cider with pumpkin spice (we were expecting a much squashier flavor) but it was very good.  My favorite pumpkin alcohol by far this year.  <– I actually finished my whole serving instead of passing it to the husband.

P.S.  Stay tuned for a quick post tomorrow morning, featuring… Webster in his Halloween costume!

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