Weekend Wrap-Up, Tres Días

This weekend was nice and quiet, with an emphasis on the nice.  We kept things very low-key, with one day of errands and one day around the house, but had a nice time just being with each other.  I’m not saying we didn’t bicker {oh gosh, did we ever!} but we did really enjoy one another’s company.

On Saturday, we went on the best, most ridiculous, dinner date to the Cheesecake Factory.  I started out not being able to take pictures but by the end of the meal I didn’t even want to take pictures because it would have distracted from my time with the husband.  Sidenote – am I just getting old or do they keep it really dark in there?!  We were making each other laugh so hard.  We shared several things and came home with tons upon tons of leftovers.  Dessert (our second (third?!) of the day) was the best part.  The waitress came over to tell us about a s’mores cheesecake with ganache and toasted marshmallow fluff and I interrupted to say that we were exploding, but by the time she got back with the bill Adam ordered us a slice!  Ridiculous.  And delicious.

Here are some of the bites that I did manage to photograph…

Fall flavors yogurt bowl.

DSC053260% plain Fage topped with pumpkin butter, toasted pecans, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

DSC05329Fage is so nice and creamy.

Tropical trip yogurt bowl.

DSC05360Muller Pineapple Passion Fruit Greek Corner topped with half a banana and some chopped mango.

DSC05361I am very excited about the mango left in the fridge.

Brinner, aka breakfast for dinner.

DSC05336Potatoes, sliced and roasted in pink salt, dried rosemary, and olive oil.

DSC05343For the eggs; frozen spinach cooked in chicken broth with eggs scrambled in – eggs whisked with low-fat sour cream and smoked paprika – and a 2% Mexican 4-cheese blend tossed in towards the end.

DSC05346Lately I’ve been loving adding something creamy like cottage cheese or sour cream to my scrambled eggs.

Pumpkin beer.

DSC05334Sam Adam’s Fat Jack Double Pumpkin.

DSC05333Unfortunately I haven’t been loving the pumpkin brews this season; they all start to taste a sour to me a few sips in.  Adam got the lion’s share of this bottle.

Ice cream. Ben & Jerry Chocolate Peppermint Crunch.

DSC05348I bought this to make a milkshake for the husband with but I ate several bowls of it this weekend.  The chocolate is so dark and the mint swirl is just like the inside of a Jr Mint.

Tres Leches!!

DSC05349From the Buttercooky Bakery.  They served it with fruit on top and a layer of dulce de leche in the middle.

DSC05353Tres Leches is both of our number one favorite dessert (usually we prefer different sweet things, though I have gotten him sucked into my s’mores obsession).

Hot bar from Whole Foods.

DSC05324I did roasted broccoli, a small scoop of Cesar salad, a big scoop of kale salad, and two fried plantains for dessert.

DSC05318With a fancy bottled drink.  Plan Tea Organic Black Tea with Vanilla and Basil.

DSC05323The tea made this meal feel extra special!

Cheese plate.

DSC05365We each had our own.  Adam got asparagus and matzoh with his basics and my extras were green beans and persimmon. Honeycrisp.

DSC05375TJ’s Cheddar and Gruyere Mélange Cheese.

DSC05367Alter Eco Dark Velvet Truffle.

DSC05384Roasted green beans.

DSC05378And a nice, mushy persimmon.

DSC05381I really liked the flavor of the flesh (I’ve tried an unripe persimmon and it sucks all of the moisture out of your mouth), but I’m still not sure whether or not I was supposed to eat the hard skin.  I picked it off with my fingernails but it didn’t make for the nicest eating experience.

Next weekend my in-laws are coming for their first LI visit!  I just hope we have some nice week days in between.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, Tres Días

    • Oh gosh, I am really bad at fruit comparison… sort of melony? Not super sweet but not tangy. They are suppppper cheap at Trader Joe’s right now.

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