Weekly Wrap-Up; Over The Bridge And Through The City

I don’t have a ton to share, but I’ve got to do it in reverse because lunches were leftovers.  It was a boring week, but I’ve got some news to share coming up soon and the next three weekends are slated to be fun.


My mom sent us the Haribo Smurfs.



I thought they were cuter than the were tasty, but Adam was crazy for them.

This ice cream was more my speed.


Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! is one of my B&J favorites that recently moved from scoop shop only to pints.  I normally hate chocolate chunks in ice cream but instead of being teeth crushingly frozen these are melty and crunchy with espresso.


I ate this bowl with a giant diet soda while we watched “Teen Witch” and was in total heaven.


Green Curry Fritters from Cooking Light.


We love this recipe.  I substituted ground turkey for chicken, skipped the sesame oil, and increased the portion size a bit, but otherwise followed the recipe.


With a dipping sauce of ketchup, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha, and brown sugar,


and carrots on the side when my planned vegetable failed.


Apparently spaghetti squash season is over.

Two bowls.


My Turkey Reuben Mac & Cheese was a total recipe winner.


And the greens we ate on the side weren’t half bad either.


Frozen spinach and kale cooked in chicken broth with lemon juice and feta.


“Burger and fries.”


Green beans roasted with pink salt and smoked paprika,


plus an absolutely amazing sandwich.


A green curry fritter on half a TJ’s soft pretzel stick with brie and pumpkin butter.


The mix of flavors was out of this world.

Lunch to go – eaten on the subway in Manhattan.


A sandwich repeat.


A honeycrisp apple.


And a serving of Dutch Cocoa Somersaults.


The somersaults were my favorite component; they have a great roasty chocolate flavor without being sweet.


Adam and I split a pumpkin pie bagel with NY cheesecake cream cheese from Panera.


Just look at that streusel –


This was delightful.


I bought the dog new food and water bowls.


Such a silly thing, but they make me so happy!

A girlfriend and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday.







I love this city.

I love this city.

I love this city.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up; Over The Bridge And Through The City

  1. Hey =)
    I am still loving your blog so thank you so much for taking the time to post! How does it feel to be a RD now? Are you still keen to work in the field? Sorry if that is to personal by the way! Feel free to ignore the question! I am about to start studying myself (well in a month) so am just curious. Also seeing as we don’t get it in NZ how is pumpkin butter different to just pumpkin puree? Are things added to it? And what are streusel’s? It looks kind of like a muffin.. is it? Regardless of what it is it looks delicious anyway! And oh my gosh you live in the most beautiful place! I so want to visit! I am dying to try all the foods you get that we don’t.. The different bars (like Lara bars), Ben & Jerries, all the varieties of yogurt, different milks, pumpkin flavoured things, all the different nut butters… we are pretty deprived! OK not really… but I still want to try all the products I have read about!

    • I am sure there are lots of local fruits and vegetables in NZ that aren’t available here… I grew up in the Caribbean and some of my favorite fruits are the “products” I’m having the hardest time finding. Pumpkin butter is a more concentrated pumpkin puree; it is usually spiced as well. Steusel is the crunchy stuff (made with lots of brown sugar!) that is sometimes on top of a muffin.

      I am loving being a credentialed RD. The counseling I’ve done so far has been really rewarding. Good luck with your program next month!

      Thanks for reading!!

      • We don’t have a lot of really specialised stuff. We do have these fruits called fejoas which I don’t think are common overseas but other than that it is all pretty basic and standard. I visited Malaysia a few years ago and couldn’t believe all the different tropical fruits that existed. It was AMAZING! Thanks for the education in regards to pumpkin butter and steusel, both sound incredible! I am eating pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon and raisins right now actually which is the closest I can get to the delicious pumpkiny treats you guys in the States are currently enjoying. Has the counselling you have been doing been in an outpatient setting or in a hospital? I think I want to work in a hospital and help with disease management, though I have no idea which area I will be most drawn to. Renal sounds fascinating, but I don’t think you have any idea what the reality is actually like until you have been on the ward and tried it. I think Paediatrics would be so interesting to, but I don’t think I would want to work full time with children! What was your favourite area?

        • I’m not officially employed here yet so all of my counseling post-RD has been outpatient – I am working with a clinic via teleconferencing. I actually love Peds; my long-long-term career goals definitely include the PICU.

          • It would be cool to work with people in an outpatient setting to help them experience optimum health and get to do more preventative work. Plus people might be more motivated to actually make changes as they are choosing to use your services. PICU would be INCREDIBLE! Sad, but so interesting what with the needs of all the children being so different. I can’t wait to learn about TPN and work with that! And fejoas are a very acquired taste. I love them, but a lot of people who come from overseas don’t like them

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