Weekly Wrap-Up; St. Thomas

In the middle of moving… we snuck home for a quick vacation!  Adam starts his general surgery residency on Monday so we kept things very low-key, but it was great to be home.

The next few days will be fairly ridiculous, but it was worth it.  Today (in like 20 minutes, gotta keep this quick!!) we head to the airport and fly to Pennsylvania.  We get in around 10 pm, then have to drive overnight back to Buffalo.  Then tomorrow morning, after a night of driving (in separate cars, natch), we have to finish packing.  My to-do list for Friday is running off the page of my day planner.  Then on Saturday we move to Long Island.  Yeesh!

Like I said, I have to keep this quick, but I want a short record of our fun – – –

There were issues with our flight down and Adam and I had to sit separately on the plane, but they rewarded us with free drink tickets.


I felt very fancy with my in-flight Bloody Mary.

At Home

Most of our meals were out and about, but one night we got “chicken man” to eat at home.


St. Thomas definitely had the first food trucks, we’ve been buying bbq chicken from a truck for as long as I can remember.


I had chicken, cole slaw, a roll, and extra sauce.

Another night we had pie and prosecco.


My mom’s key lime pie was great,


but we were not fans of Cupcake Wine’s prosecco. Everything else I’ve tried from them has been on the sweet side but this was incredibly dry.

We liked the Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne (left over from our wedding!!!) much more.


Enjoyed with take-out from China King.


Adam and split cashew chicken and crab rangoon.


On the Go

On Sunday we ferried over to St. John for Food Fair.


I got a veggie patty (pronounced like paté),


and a soursop juice.


I’ve been wanting fresh soursop for months and this hit the spot.

One day I took advantage of the lack of open container laws and drank a Heinekin Light while we wandered downtown.




And another Adam and I split an Udder Light shake from the dairy.




If you ever visit St. Thomas, the local dairy makes the best milkshakes in the US.

Last night I got a painkiller at Fat Turtle.


We met up with a good friend from high school and it was great to catch up.

Restaurant Meals

We had to go to Barefoot Buddha for breakfast; I like their Bigfoot Bagel Sandwich so much that I ate it the morning I got married.


Adam and I shared a sandwich,


and a Vietnamese latte.


All of our other meals had good food, but better scenery.

Plantains at the place that used to be Fungi’s.





Sandwiches – we split a jerk chicken and a local fried fish – at Megan’s Point.



And a local fish sandwich at Sangria’s.




Sometimes I can’t believe I chose to move away!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up; St. Thomas

  1. I, too, can’t believe you moved away 😦 I also can’t believe you spelled Magens wrong – you HAVE been away too long!

  2. Hey =)
    I know you say in several posts that no one reads your blog but I just wanted to encourage you that I have just come across it and love it. I have been back reading pages and it is so cool to see how real you are and get a snippet of your life! If you ever feel like no one cares, know that you have a fan all the way in on the otherside of the world in New Zealand! I love your food recaps and the parts where you mention what you have been learning in class / on your rotations. I am enrolled to start studying science in a few weeks time, with the aim of becoming a dietician to (though it is going to take me 5 years to actually finish!) so it is really inspiring to see someone who is further along the road.
    Thanks for all the time you have taken with posting!
    Libby =)

    • Libby, thanks so much for the encouragement! It is totally cool to have a reader in NZ! Good luck with your RD journey; please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions or just need to vent about the process.

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