Nacho Zip Code

My stuff, my husband, my dog, and I all finally live in the same place (New York) again!  What a surreal week!  I worked Monday-Tuesday, moved Wednesday, and unpacked Thursday-Friday.  I am thrilled to be with my amazing family and excited to be back in New York but am deeply mourning leaving Charlottesville, and my fantastic Virginia family and friends, and my unbelievably great job.  <– it’s an extremely good problem to have 🙂

My last Cville weekend was low-key because I was a bit under the weather.  I mostly watched tv in bed, drank Gatorade, and spent $8 on precut fruit.


Before I knew it it was Tuesday and I was drinking my very last hospital coffee!  Sidenote – the coffee stands in the hospital served my favorite iced lattes in Virginia and I am going to miss them greatly.


Also that afternoon coworkers took me out for coffee and then after work we went to Hardywood for a final round of marshmallow gingerbread stouts and by the time I packed my car I was a drunk, overly caffeinated mess.

My last night my family took me out for nachos – multiple plates! – and margaritas and I got to tell them how unbelievably grateful I am for their hospitality.  I lived with my cousin and her fiance for the last 4 months and they could not have made my life easier or more fun.  A lot of people thought I was insane for choosing to live apart from Adam and Webster for so long but one of the biggest silver linings of situation was the time I got with my Virginia family.


And they would be thrilled to know that the very first thing I ate in New York was nachos!


Once we got the car unpacked Adam and I headed to I am Nacho Mama for bbq chicken nachos and fancy honey coffee.



I also had tacos – griddled cheese and salmon.


Last night we had a fancy dinner at our local mall, Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Small Batch.


Little gem lettuce with pecorino cheese, radishes, fried soft-boiled egg, and ceasar dressing.


Local duck breast with honeynut squash, figs, and black garlic.


Chocolate souffle cake with milk chocolate sauce, cookie crumbs, and bourbon-brown sugar ice cream.


5 thoughts on “Nacho Zip Code

  1. Congrats on reuniting with the hubs and webster! Were you able to get a job at the same hospital as your husband? I would love it if you gave an update on what your day was like working in the old hospital! I know you used to do daily recaps of when you were a teacher so a daily recap of being a dietitian would be COOL! 🙂

    • Thanks!

      No updates on the job front yet.

      I loooove reading “day in the life” posts but they’re almost impossible as a clinical (hospital) dietitian because you have to be so careful of patient privacy.

      • Darn, I was hoping that your move meant that you had gotten a new job! But I am sure with the impending holidays it is so nice to be back as a family unit! ❤
        Have you considered possibly going into private practice or into a different setting? I personally have worked with my fair share of dietitians and have always loved the ones I’ve worked with that helped in the treatment programs I was in! 🙂

        • I don’t think that private practice is for me – I love not having the business ownership stress and one of my favorite things about my last job was the ability to work on a team and collaberate.

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