Three Day Weekend Staycation

Not only was I off last Friday for a three-day weekend, but Adam started a 2-week vacation and was free to hang out with me all three days as well!  We had originally thought about taking a trip to Boston but the hotel situation was prohibitively expensive and we live in the best city on Earth so it made more sense to do a staycation instead.  Basically we had a three day long date!  We walked and ate and repeated until we were sunburnt, stuffed, and smiling.


Friday: we took the train to the new-ish Hudson Yards Station.



Walked around Chelsea and got coffees at the up and coming Chelsea Terminal Warehouse.  Walked along the Highline.


Walked through Greenwich Village.  Watched the sunset at Chelsea Piers.



Saturday: we drove into Dumbo.  Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.



Took the free ferry to Ikea and spent an hour playing design a dream home (we did not have a couples fight, probably because all we needed to purchase was Swedish gummy candy from the bulk bins).


Spent the afternoon exploring Red Hook.


Sunday: we stopped for coffees in Floral Park.  Got brunch in Park Slope.  Walked a bit in Carrol Gardens.


Ate nachos in bed and watched NCIS.

I had to be choosy or this post would be too long even longer because we stopped at at least ten different spots for coffees and ice creams alone, but her were were the culinary highlights…

Cold brew from Brooklyn Roasting Company.


Aussie iced coffee from Bluestone Lane.


It was boiling hot all weekend and we drank about a million beverages, including an ultra-hydrating product sample – coconut water from Harmless Harvest.


They sent me some free product coupons and cute cups in exchange for this post.



Harmless Harvest is my favorite coconut water anyway – the company is Fair for Life certified, the flavor is sweet and not “gaggy” like some brands can be, and the bottles are often pink*! – so I happily accepted.  *Per the company – “Coconut water is clear when bottled but contains a variety of antioxidants which can turn pink once they interact with sunlight.”


I was told to include a photo of myself enjoying the coconut water and while I tried pick a picture Adam was busy guzzling down my drink, so clearly Harmless Harvest gets a thumbs up from him as well!



Adobo-ritos with chicken and kimchi fried rice from 2nd City.  We also had really fantastic calamansi lime jello shots.


Our first time at Dominique Ansel.  I thought the pastry was meh but we also tried the burrata soft serve (with balsamic caramel and a macerated strawberry) and it was mind-blowing.


Black sesame cream mochi.  We also picked up some cola gummies!


Seafood lunch at Brooklyn Crab.  We got beers and view.


Simple but wonderful salad to start, bibb lettuce with sweet and spicy pepitas and a maple goat cheese vinaigrette.


I got a blue crab roll with Old Bay mayo.


Steve’s Key Lime Pie, finally, I have wanted to go here since our original move to Brooklyn.



The swingle – aka key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate! – did not disappoint.



Brunch at Bricolage.


Bloody Mary.


I got the vegetarian crepe with king oyster and maitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, and fried eggs.  Served rolled up in lettuce leaves with fresh mint and a spicy sauce.


Coke float soft-serve at Milk Bar.


Only two more days until the next weekend – this one’s going to be a four day doozy!

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