Time Crunch

Remember when I said seven days of work in a row wouldn’t be too bad?  I’m old now.  I am tired.  I don’t have a ton to share because 2/4 dinners this week were Chipotle.  And I only cooked one of the two non-Chipotle nights, the other we walked the dog to get milkshakes and then I got into bed the minute we got home at 7:30, fully dressed.

Coffee, obviously.  Starbucks pro tip – order the cold brew “with room, no water” so you can ensure it doesn’t get too diluted behind the counter.  I put milk in my coffee anyway so I’d rather temper the concentrate strength myself.


With almonds.


I’m still dying over the Grady’s Cold Brew with fat-free half & half and milk.


My lunches this week were centered around a generous box of freeze-dried fruits samples from Crunchies.  The products are vegan, gluten-free, and kosher, and they contain no added sugars or flavorings, just fruits that have undergone a low-pressure drying process.  Bonus – Crunchies sources the fruits directly from the farmers who grow them.


the free products were my only compensation for this post, all my own opinions, blah blah

We buy a lot of freeze-dried fruit because Adam often packs it for work so we were excited to try some new options.

Lows – raspberry.  Too seedy and sour/bitter.  To be fair, I don’t like any of the freeze-dried raspberries I’ve tried and I don’t love fresh raspberries.

High – everything else!  These were the best freeze-dried fruits we’ve tasted.  The strawberries weren’t too sweet or sour – no mouth pucker, the banana flavor was super strong, the grapes were sweet and a bit chewy, as were the pineapples.  10/10.


I enjoyed the fruits in yogurt bowls for lunch (I took half the bag and Adam took the other half with him).  Plain Siggi’s, strawberry banana, Nonni’s dark chocolate banana.


0% Fage, raspberries, pom seeds, maple peanut butter.


Vanilla yogurt, grapes, pom seeds.


2% Fage, pineapple, coconut butter.


And here’s my only dinner photo, turkey and eggs.


Ground turkey sautéed with celery, evoo, tomato paste, Sriracha, brown sugar, and fish sauce.  Topped with soft scrambled eggs.  I made Adam a similar but less spicy dish for breakfast when he got home from work and he loved it.

Now I have a three-day weekend!

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