Birthday Week Eats

I turn 31 this Sunday so this week is my birthday week.  My parents timed their summer visit for this weekend so I’m off of work today and Monday and I’m pretty sure the four-day weekend will be the best gift I’ve ever given myself.  I also pulled out this stash of cake flavored stuff I’ve been hoarding all year –


The Airhead wins as my favorite, it has sprinkles in it!

My other eats included…



We’ve had some big changes at work – that squeezed even more work into each day – and on top of them one of my coworkers has been out all week and I’ve been responsible for covering both intensive care units.  <– I have needed so much coffee.





I didn’t have time to pack lunch one day and I cobbled together a pretty great reuben-ish wrap sandwich in the cafeteria – sliced turkey, swiss, cole slaw, pickles, and thousand island.


Yogurt lunches reign supreme.  Plain Siggi’s with blackberries and coconut butter.


Cake yogurt with KIND maple granola and blackberries.


Have you done Chobani’s “Find Your Flavor Soulmate” flow chart?


What combo does your heart sing for?  My answers lead me to sweet and spicy but as much as I love some sweet with my heat spiced yogurt just doesn’t appeal to me.  Sweet with sweet is much more my speed.  Like this Almond Coco Loco Flip that knocked my socks off with how fantastically creamy it was.


Speaking of sweet… I am still completely obsessed with Justin’s peanut butter cups, in all forms.


And I made the David Lebowitz chocolate chip cookies so my parents could try them, not that there are many left!


Best meal of the week – I made a variation on this recipe with turkey bacon, chopped spinach, and fresh mint.  It was still delicious as cold leftovers.


Salad night.  Romaine with ranch / turkey bacon / shrimp / carrots / tomato / fresh mint / swiss.


Paired with chips and dip because I’m fancy.


I picked my parents up from the airport last night.  JFK is a nightmare so we stayed in Long Island afterwards and grabbed dinner at a little diner near their hotel.  I actually got a pretty yummy Greek meal.



Salad with spinach pie.

Have a great weekend!


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