Fun Facts From The Weekend

{1}  The special drink at Café Bene this month is handmade strawberry milk!  It’s called a “strawberry latte,” and as far as we could tell it is just milk and macerated strawberries.  The husband and I liked it a lot.

strawberry latte aka fresh strawberry milk

That’s more than I can say for the S’mores Frappuccino, as the whipped cream did not taste like marshmallows.

{2}  You can eat Kentucky Derby themed snacks even if you don’t watch the race and still have no idea who won.

This Dark Chocolate Walnut bar was yummy.


And I made Adam and I “Derby Shakes” on Saturday.


Milk chocolate gelato and toasted walnuts blended with skim milk, Jim Beam Maple Bourbon, and ice.

{3}  Bareburger’s new menu includes a burger topped with pimento cheese, pickled green tomato, a fried egg.

hog wild - bareburger

I guess that technically fit in with our Derby eats too.

{4}  The new Avengers’ movie was not bad at all.  Even though it was long enough for us to need a refill on our giant soda.


It was very funny; several quips had the whole theatre laughing out loud.  I think overall it would have been a lot more Whedon-y if it had been Natasha walking into the house instead in that final farm scene (<– intentionally vague so as not to give any spoilers).

{5}  You should totally make my newest recipe at home – Spicy Salmon Roll Casserole.

spicy crunchy salmon roll casserole

It came together really quickly and Adam and I both enjoyed it.  Served with Bon Appetit’s Thai Celery Salad on the side.



I’m looking forward to leftovers of both dishes.

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