Confessions Post; XVI

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I haven’t done one of these in forever!  But I had some things to get off my chest…

Confession #1 – Starbucks is introducing a S’mores Frappuccino (with marshmallow whipped cream!!!) today and my favorite co-worker and I have had this monumental event marked in our day planners for weeks.

Confession #2 – Speaking of things on my calendar, we are not going to be able to watch the new Avengers movie on its initial release date and I’m considering quitting the internet until we can get to the theatre so I don’t see any spoilers.

Confession #3 – {Necessary back story – I grew up in the US Virgin Islands and learned to drive in American cars but on the left side of the street and…} I’ve been driving in the states for 10 years and sometimes I still get a little discombobulated when I have to make cross-traffic a turn.

Confession #4 – In high school I lied about not knowing how to get to a cross-country meet so the boy I had a crush on would give me a ride.  <– I married that boy!

Confession #5 – I laughed so hard at this comic I snorted.  The real confession is that my laughs involve snorting probably 60%+ of the time.

the heart of a man - poorly drawn lines

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