Weekly Wrap Up

As of this morning, the cold of winter is finally here. Ugh. But I had a good final week of thin hoodies and no gloves. Good eats too! I did a lot of train eating – bars for breakfast, guava cheese empanadas… – but the LIRR was too packed for stealthy photography. Here’s what I did capture…

breakfast {coffee, coffee, coffee}

Never hot, I don’t care if it drops below zero, you can pry my iced coffee out of my cold, dead hands.

Chameleon cold brew with the last of the honey almond milk, which I loved.


Espresso! With milk and sugar.


I tried the chestnut praline latte from Starbucks. I really liked it.


Marshmallow cold brew.



Turkey, sharp cheddar, and pumpkin butter sandwich on a pumpkin spice English muffin.  With an apple and bbq chips.


Plus the last cookie.


Maple raisin oatmeal with a red pear.


And an afternoon treat of Turkish coffee that a coworker brought in.

turkish coffee

Dannon Creamery cherry cheesecake (yum, much better than the strawberry!) with chopped strawberries and blueberries. TJ’s kale chips. I passed the kale around the breakroom and my coworkers all said they might buy some themselves.


Dannon Creamery vanilla pudding with strawberries, plus the last of the kale chips and bbq chips. This was the best store-bought pudding I’ve ever tasted. And Adam stole the milk chocolate pudding and loved it.


I tried, and did not love, the new Coke.



When I got home on Monday, dinner was waiting in the crockpot for me.


Chicken with bbq sauce, smoked brown sugar, and fresh cranberries. I ate mine on a big bed of spinach.


We had salted caramel cheesecake and a yummy pumpkin beer for dessert.


Pizza and salad.


A giant bbq chicken slice from Pinos. The crust on these is amazing, super fluffy and light but still crunchy.


Plus Whole Foods hot bar – garlic broccoli, pickled cucumber, and salad with veggies on top.


We also got hot chocolate that we’d been excited about all week – supposedly it was made with ganache – that ended up being a big cup of hot milk.


You cant win ’em all.

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