Weekend Top Three

{1} I made my Buffalo Chicken Baked Pasta.  But I made this version cheesier.


Like, soooo cheesy; I accidentally spilled in most of the bag of cheese when I meant to do an extra sprinkle.


I also added more buffalo wing sauce, a bit more spinach, and swapped in whole-wheat pasta, ranch, and lean ground turkey for chicken breasts.



It was delicious.

{2} We soothed our fiery mouths with pumpkin beers.


All four ended up being fantastic.  I wasn’t expecting to love the ales because I tend to prefer stouts and ciders, but they were some of the best pumpkin brews of the season.

{3} I found on-point bubble tea right next to my work.


One of the doctors told me about it and I might have to give her my firstborn.  Awesomely chewy boba and tons of flavor options (they even had pumpkin!).  Shown above is strawberry rose black tea with tapioca and rainbow jelly.

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