Two Days, Too Many?

My mom called to tell me that not posting yesterday ruined my 30 day streak.  But my focus wasn’t so much the daily posting as the posting of everything from each day.  I’ve decided that as long as I blog everything I eat it will count towards thirty days straight of blogging even if I have to do some recaps.  Thoughts?

The past 48 hours have included some really tasty things, but they have also included too many missed meals and way too much sugar.  I need to keep getting better about my sleep schedule.

I didn’t have breakfast together Tuesday morning so I just had coffee – half sweet, half regular – from the cafeteria.


Lunch was a fun assortment.  An apple.


A Cascadian Farm Crunchy Oats & Honey Granola Bar.


And an Artisana Cacao Bliss packet.


I planned on eating the coconut butter as a granola bar topping, but that got too messy and I ended up just spooning it into my mouth with a knife.  That stuff is so flipping good; like a coconutty chocolate frosting!

When I got home I ate two fun sized candies,  <– so unnecessary


and a Müller Strawberry FrütUp Yogurt.


A friend and I are doing a Vegan 20 Day challenge soon and I just can’t stop buying yogurt!

Adam and I haven’t seen much of each other lately so we decided to make Tuesday night Date Night and make use of our King and I Groupon.



We split the Tofu Tod to start.  //fried tofu with a sweet and sour peanut dipping sauce//


This is one of our favorite Thai appetizers and King and I did not disappoint.  We both kept grabbing spoonfuls of the sauce!

I went with the King and I House Noodles, vegetarian and Thai spicy.  //broad rice noodles with egg, vegetables, and ground peanut//


I wish my meal had come with more vegetables, but I was very impressed with the spice level.


Adam commented that he could *hear* how spicy my meal was so I must have been doing a lot of sniffling!  Sadly, his dish was too salty and he didn’t really love it.

The husband went with a coconut sticky rice and custard dish for dessert.


I took a few small bites, but decided to have these gummi candies instead.


They came from Wegman’s bulk bins and were totally to blame for the headache that caused me to lie down while taking off my boots, and end up falling asleep on top of the covers, fully dressed!

I was still pretty out of it this morning and I left for the hospital without so much as a scrap of food in my bag.  I bought this serving of Kashi Heart to Heart from the cafeteria.

kashi cereal

And I got Wegman’s hot bar after work to eat while I was journaling.

wegmans hot bar

Many veggies with some chicken (salad and dumplings) and pasta.

I ate a Honeycrisp when I got home.


And then I ate a bowl of gelato for dinner.


And did so with impunity; I topped it with a protein-rich Bare Naked cereal sample.


The Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch was good and the combination was even better.


And it was exactly what I was craving.

In healthier news, I made it to yoga this evening!  60 minutes of hot yoga was amazing, every time I go I love it.  But – if I go both days this weekend I will have officially gotten 4 uses out of my unlimited pass, whoops!

I took advantage of my (messy) high yoga ponytail to show y’all my current hair.


The bottom is still good, but the top has lost a lot of color and has white streaks.


I have to go back to brown for my next internship placement so I won’t bother refreshing it, but I am still love-love-loving the purple.  FYI: It is very difficult to take a picture of your own hair!

purple hair

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