The First Of The Last

{Technically speaking} today was the first day of my last semester of undergrad!  Yays!  Instead of the hospital, I spent my day on campus for orientation.  It was also the first day of my night class.

Orientation was definitely not as exciting as my days at the hospital.  Cue medium non-fat latte.


Caffeine gave me the jitters though; I should have just waited for the adrenaline to kick in once we learned how busy this semester is going to be!  On top of full-time internship hours there are many projects to be done.  I’m the only person in my program who is taking a non-major class (my night class is a history to fulfill my final graduation requirement) this semester and balancing everything is going to be pretty nerve-wracking.

I spent my lunch break running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get all of my campus tasks done (applying for graduation, registering my history class as pass/fail, buying books).  When I did finally get to my sandwich it was worth the wait.


Sandwich thin with 2 slices of turkey, tons of pickled jalopeño, 50% reduced-fat sharp cheddar, and mango jelly (made by my aunt’s mother-in-law from St. Thomian mangos!!).


Plus a package of sesame seaweed,


and a 100-calorie milk chocolate bar.


I was starving when I got home and I snacked on a Tbsp of peanut butter,


and a cup of tea with skim milk and sugar.


You guys are geniuses – I actually heated the water (3 minutes versus 90 seconds in the microwave) and my tea was much stronger!  I still didn’t love this cup but I think the tea itself was to blame (a pumpkin chai sample).

I did an easy, early dinner before I had to head back to campus for my history class.  Leftover roasted brocoli with marinara sauce.


And a Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake meal.



I also snacked on these milk coffee candies during class.


He let us out early for our first day and so far I have no complaints.

Well, just one complaint – why the heck didn’t I get in bed already?!

One thought on “The First Of The Last

  1. The first day of your last semester is definitely a big deal! I certainly don’t even you all of those projects + working + history class, though. Hopefully not too much longer until things calm down a bit. 🙂

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