Three Days Into Your Trip

Hello from Ohio.  I know I  haven’t blogged in a few days, these old folks are keeping me busy!

Adam had to stay in Buffalo (he’s going to be a doctor so we don’t feel bad for him, though we do miss him!) but Tuesday morning my mom, dad, and I logged 8 hours in the car.  After some tearful goodbyes, of course.

I did brunch on the road.  Rockstar.

Sandwich – turkey, sandwich thin, pepperjack.

Coffee with skim milk and three sugars.

We split a lavender cookie my parents brought from Canada.  The base was marzipan and the almond lavender combo was divine.

And finally, we made a pit stop at a gas station with the best soda fountain of all time –

I made a giant Coke Zero with Strawberry Fanta and was in heaven.

My grandma fed us a ridiculously tasty dinner.

Swiss Chicken,

fried mushrooms,

fresh corn,

and fruit salad.

Everything was amazing.  I went back for a few more ‘shrooms and half a cob more as well.

Pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.

And then I passed out in a food coma.

Wednesday morning I ate more fruit salad for breakfast.  Topped with boozy whipped cream!

Plus half a banana.

And coffee with skim milk.

Lunch was this fun honey lemonade.

And a turkey sandwich.

Toasted English muffin with thick sliced turkey, peach jam, and pimento cheese.

We ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.  Salad bar for everyone.

I ordered the Asian BBQ Salmon with grilled green beans for dinner.

Good, but my green beans are better!

And now I’m thinking about breakfast.

P.S. Hi, husband!!! We miss you bunches!

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