Window Shopping Wednesday

I am not much of a shopper, much to my mother’s chagrin. The woman can spend days at the mall, while I start to feel itchy after just a few hours. It’s not that I’m not materialistic, I totally am, it’s just that the thought of adding more stuff to my life makes it hard to breathe. But I like the idea of things. So I’m an avid window shopper. I browse catalogs I’ll never buy from and hold my breathe when I pass the window at J.Crew. So while I’m stuck at school on Wednesdays, I thought we could have some fun via blog. Let’s window shop!

We’ll go food themed this week –

1.  Healthy Pop Caramel Apple 94% Fat Free Popcorn from Jolly Time.

What, what?!  1.  Each serving has 110 calories and 2 grams of fat (275 calories and 5 grams of fat per bag).  2.  It’s freaking caramel apple popcorn!  I know that caramel popcorn is good but how has caramel apple popcorn not already been a thing?

2.  Mallow Magic Popcorn from Jolly Time.

I know this is sort of repetitive but how could I not make this its own entry.  Popcorn and marshmallow topping are my two very favorite things separately and when I think about combining them this way my head practically explodes.  I’m sort of dying that neither of these flavors are available near me.  Would someone from Jolly Time like to come adopt me?

3.  Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke.

Marshmallow and popcorn are my favorite things to eat but cook books and murder mysteries are my favorite things to read.  This hybrid book series sounds like something I would read straight through.  I think curling up on the couch with this book and one of the above popcorn bags is my idea of heaven.

4.  The Southern Heritage pack from High Road Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet.

High Roads is a cool, Atlanta-based company that makes small-batch ice cream and sorbet.  This pack holds Bourbon Burnt Sugar and Brown Butter Praline.  I sort of don’t know what to do with the information that these flavors are out there.  Do I drive to Atlanta?  Petition Wegmans?  Turn green with envy?

5.  Highlander Grog coffee from Winans.

Doesn’t the word “grog” just make you hungry?  I’ve actually had this in person so I know it’s good.  A nice rich blend of butterscotch and caramel flavors.

What are you craving this week?

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