Pumpkin Yogurt — Froyo — Beer

This weekend was low-key but exactly what we needed.  Inclement weather killed our Saturday plans (instead we ran some errands and caught up on tv) and Sunday I was scheduled to work.  I’ve got Wednesday off in exchange for yesterday so my workweek will be two mini 2 day blocks <– nice!

Here were the weekend’s top eats…

We made a quick trip down to Rockville Center to check out Kookaburra Coffee.  They had toasted marshmallow coffee syrup!!  Fan-freaking-tastic in my triple shot iced latte.


Spooky yogurt bowl.  Plain Fage with pumpkin butter stirred in, topped with chia seeds, salted peanuts, cocoa nibs, and a few candy corn.


I put a lemon cream popsicle in seltzer water with some whiskey.  Creamy, fizzy, and boozy, the trifecta.


Pumpkin pie froyo, topped with pretty much all of the dessert-y toppings.


Cheese plate dinner.  With dates, apple, and sautéed green beans with almonds.


The highlights were this paprika cheese from TJ’s,


and these Malbranche Mura Cha Cha matcha tea biscuits I was sent to review.  The cookies are gluten-free and vegan and absolutely bursting with matcha flavor.  Be forewarned – if you don’t like the tea you won’t like the cookie, Adam loves both.


Copycat Chipotle salad bowls.  Romaine // spicy salsa // shredded cheese // chipotle honey lime chicken // sautéed onion and orange and yellow bell pepper // black beans // fire-roasted corn.


I sipped pumpkin beer while I sautéed my chicken.  Both were delicious, 8-9/10.


I’ve got three different pumpkin iterations packed for tomorrow’s lunch!


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