This Week I Loved…

Yogurt bowls

Guava Chobani with Cheerios, walnuts, pomegranate, and blackberry.


More of the above, but with mango soursop as my tropical yogurt flavor.


Plain Fage with granola, chocolate covered cacao nibs, walnuts, a turtle pecan biscotti, pomegranate, and blackberry.  <– best lunch of the week


Earl Grey Rooibos tea




Cookie butter

I ate a big spoonful as my after-work snack every day this week.


And I ate a delicious lunchtime oatmeal in the last of the Biscoff jar.


The expanded menu at Boba Guys

A girlfriend and I got Hong Kong Milk teas this week and were swooning!  Best boba I’ve gotten in the city and they have housemade almond and grass jellies.


The fantastically fun supplies from Mochi Things

My mom sent me some snazzy stickers and pens for Easter and they are greatly improving my workday mood.


This lip stuff

Minted rose is obviously the best scented beauty product I’ve ever owned.


What rocked your socks this week?



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