Last Week’s Top Five

{1} Coffee, always.

Highlights include Starbucks while I grocery shopped last Monday.  The coffee was only ok, but getting to leisurely sip and shop on a weekday? Fabulous.


Even better – a triple nonfat iced latte from the Stumptown in the Ace Hotel.


It’s a neat spot and the espresso is fabulous, I highly recommend making a stop if you’re near Penn Station.

{2} Ramen with some of my favorite people

My Maryland aunt and cousin came into town for a quick visit and I met them at the train and needed to provide food, warmth, and NYC awesomeness – enter Chelsea Market for Ramen at Mok Bar.


I got the ginger chicken ramen (Roasted ginger chicken broth, pulled chicken, cucumber and garlic chive kimchi) with an egg on top and we shared a few varieties of kimchi on the side.


They are used to the cold, and are a walking family too, so they were totally down with a chilly 2+ mile stroll through Chelsea/LES to meet Adam.





Including a stop at Sokerbit!

{3} Dinner at The Vandal

The Vandal is a new (ginormous) restaurant in the Bowery.  The menu is a mix of “street food” from a myriad of cultures and the décor is graffiti-style art on every wall.  There’s a coffee cart in the dining room and a bar in the basement.  It’s a fun spot.  My aunt has a family friend who is involved in the opening.



Highlight of the night – my cousin was trying to describe who Chris Santos was to Adam just as Chris Santos walked up to our table to say hello.  It was hilarious and he was very sweet and friendly.

We shared everything so we could all taste lots of drinks and dishes.  The drinks menu is divided into Bright, Spiced, and Barrel-Aged and we ordered one from each section plus a yummy bottle of Spanish wine.


My drink was the best, The Intervention = Gentleman Jack whiskey, plum, Aperol, lemon, and Spanish bitters.


We ordered a few meat dishes that I didn’t eat.  Plus shrimp arepas with purple slaw and chipotle cream and cauliflower with picada sauce, olives, and hazelnuts.


Wild mushroom pizza with caramelized onion.


And brussels sprouts elote.


All of the dishes were fantastic but the pizza (recommended by Chris Santos himself!) and cauliflower were everyone’s favorite.  It was a wonderful night.

{4} Americanized Halo Halo

My sweet Filipino coworker knows I’m in love with palm seeds and she brought me in giant jars of palm seeds and halo halo topping (boiled, sweetened mix of beans, coconut, jackfruit, etc).


I’ve been putting it on pretty much everything, including this ridiculous sundae.


Toasted almond gelato, halo halo, sweetened condensed milk, frosted flakes, and rainbow sprinkles.  I didn’t have shaved ice but otherwise it was pretty close to the real deal!

{5} Blizzard bowls

I didn’t do the best job of stocking up on food before the storm and we spent most of the weekend eating chicken nuggets.  I did manage to get it together for one healthy (yummy) meal.


Steam/sautéed shredded green cabbage and shredded chicken cooked in peanut sauce, topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro.  Shredded cabbage is so quick and easy, I need to remember to use it more often.

I hope all my East Coast readers are staying warm and safe!


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