Last Week’s Top Five

There has been a lot of excitement since last Saturday.  We had three days of weather so warm I could hold my iced coffee in bare hands while I walked in my sandals.


Last Sunday I comfortably walked the dog in shorts and a t-shirt!

And Adam celebrated a birthday.



His parents came for a birthday visit and we had a great time showing them the tree at Rockefeller Center and the fantastic holiday lights all around Manhattan.

Here are some of the food highlights…

{1} Pineapple Turkey Chili

By Tuesday the weather was back to normal* again and it was cold enough for Chili.  *global warming winter normal, it’s still 50 in December


I made my pineapple turkey recipe.


We gobbled it up topped with shredded cheese, sour cream, and pickled jalapeño.

{2} Holiday Fails

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I had not one, but two, holiday themed food flops.



This years soy nog has way too much soy milk aftertaste for me and the candy cane flavor (in spite of the adorable chips of candy cane) was the first Adagio tea I thought tasted like dirty water.  You win a lot, you lose some.

{3} Restaurant Burgers

Any time we have Long Island visitors we take them to Bare Burger.  Adam’s parents loved it.


I got a Wiki Wiki on a turkey patty – gouda, duck bacon, fried onions, and pineapple relish.


The burger was great, and they had a very exciting local brew – chocolate egg cream stout!


We also took them to Thistle Hill.  I got a falafel burger.


With tzatziki and hot sauce and salt and pepper fries.

{4} Dinner at The Gander

We are both obsessed with duck, so The Gander quickly made it to the top of our dinner date list.


The space was gorgeously done up for Christmas – with lights and a giant gingerbread house – but too dark for me to take a passable picture.  Ignore my bad photography though, the food was on point.

We started with local burrata with butternut squash and toast.


And I ordered the Glasgow Punch, which came from a tap; scotch with citrus and clarified milk.  This was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had, it smelled smoky in an amazing way.


We split two pastas for dinner.  Gnocchi with shishito peppers and cheddar.


And tubetti with duck confit and a duck egg yolk.  <– best dish of the night


Plus cauliflower with capers and anchovies.


Dessert was salted cajeta cake with maple lace tuiles and pistachio gelato.


Everything was delicious and you could taste the care that went into each dish.

{5} Birthday Ice Cream Cake

This was my first attempt at an ice cream cake and I was a little nervous but it came out great.  Whenever Adam and I go to a Cold Stone-style ice cream place we always get coffee with Oreos and peanut butter, so that’s what I put together for his birthday.


An Oreo crust / with a peanut butter layer (I basically make flattened buckeye candy) / a coffee ice cream layer / and a bunch of Oreos, mini Reese’s cups, and sprinkles for topping.


Yum!  It was gone by the end of the weekend!

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