Royal Weekend; Highlights

Normally I am a Brooklyn girl, but over the three-day weekend I spent some time loving Queens.  One day for Flushing and one for Astoria.  Also Adam and I both had Monday off and we spent the day eating our way from Chelsea to SoHo!

Here are the highlights, minus several ice cream stops and several more coffees…

Doughnut date!


Chocolate salted caramel from Dough and a latte from Blue Sky.

Fancy yogurt bowls.


Plain Siggis + 2 types of plucot + chia seeds + crumbled graham cracker pie crust.


The crust was leftover from a failed s’mores cookie batch I attempted last week.

Brunch with a girlfriend at Burnside Biscuits.  We both got Salty Dogs.


And I got a classic (duck fat!) biscuit with a sunny side up egg and sharp cheddar.


Related:: Adam and I went to Sweet Chick for a dimly lit dinner and had duck sloppy joes.  Also two different cocktails with sherry!

Sandwiches at BEC = bacon, egg, and cheese.


I got a Junior with turkey bacon.

Sandwiches at Blue Ribbon.  I got the pulled bbq chicken with cole slaw on top.


BRFC feels pretty chain restaurant/fast food but the sandwich was delicious.  The bun was meh (I rarely eat the bun on a sandwich like this anyway) but the chicken was juicy with some perfectly charred crispy bites.

Presso Coffee is the cutest and their maple lattes are on point.



Related:: another day I got a quad nonfat latte from Kinship Coffee Cooperative that was super good.

Oreo milk tea with boba and pudding from Kung Fu Tea.


We explored the New World Mall food court and want to go back asap.


We didn’t stop to eat that day though, our hearts were already set on Xi’an Famous Foods.


Their spicy hand-torn noodles make the most satisfying dish you’ve ever tasted.

Trader Joe’s chile relleno is the best frozen meal ever.



I would give this dish two thumbs up if I thought a restaurant had made it fresh.

Important note – you can buy cups of edible cookie dough.



Just fyi.




Enjoy the rest of your week!

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