Random Ruminations

giveaway winner {congrats!}

And the cookbook giveaway winner is… Brittney.  Brittney, e-mail me with your mailing info so you can enjoy making your ice creams!

{yummy} weekend eats

Friday breakfast: Americano with milk, string cheese, and an Enzo Bar from Lola Granola.



The bar was amazing; honey, vanilla, and cinnamon oats.

Saturday was a similar deal: Clif dark chocolate peanut butter bar with a clover brew of Starbuck’s Italian roast.



Friday’s dinner – the only dinner I managed to photograph – was boring but good.


Spinach salad with pepitas and roasted green beans dressed with evoo, honey, and lavender salt.


Toasted sourdough turkey sandwich with pepperjack and strawberry jam.


Spicy and sweet always makes the best sandwich.

Stumptown cold brew and fresh cherries for an afternoon snack.


We spotted this Sour Patch slurpee and bought one immediately.  It was sour!  Neither of us wanted more than a few sips but it was fun to try.


We did a similar maneuver the next day with frozen yogurt.



The salted chocolate chip cookie dough was fantastic!  I topped mine with cookie dough (duh!), blondie, mochi, and Nutella.

We ventured into Astoria on Sunday; Sugar Freak for a Louisiana brunch.


That’s a “swamp juice” and it was exactly as disgusting as you’d expect.  Maybe even more so actually, you guys know how much I love things that are over the top sweet and even I couldn’t bring myself to take a third sip.

I got a grilled chicken Po’Boy to eat.  That, I could finish!


The side salad came with pecan vinaigrette that was the best part of the meal.

Afterwards we stopped by Kinship for coffees like we were just the coolest.


Two thumbs up for the cold brew, Stumptown again.

random facts {about me}

We were glad to have a low-key, boring weekend because 3 out of 4 in July include major plans (including my 30th birthday).

I am so excited about the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling.  I got all teary-eyed on the train reading the news.  This is definitely the proudest moment America has had so far this decade.

We only have a few old Criminal Minds left and we are pretty devastated about it.  But…

Rookie Blues is back!!! My Canadian cop show is the best thing on summer television.  I haven’t watched the first episode yet because I’m hoping if I save it for an elliptical session it will lure me back to the gym after a lazy week off.

I finally started reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants and it is just as hilarious and wonderful as I had expected.

I am obsessed with advice columns (Dear Prudence is my favorite!) so I read Dear Abby every morning but I think I need to stop because most of her advice is so terrible that it makes me huffy with anger on my way to work.

Sunday afternoon we went on a date to the Queens County Farm Museum and it was pretty much the best thing ever.







I got to pet the pigs!!!  Animals – mostly French Bulldogs and Dachshunds but sometimes pigs – seem to sense my intense, unhealthy love for them and give me lots of petting time.  The piggies laid up against the fence so I could really go to town patting their flanks and scratching behind their ears.



Yay!  So much fun.

Which farm animal do you most want to cuddle?

4 thoughts on “Random Ruminations

  1. Your words on Dear Abby are so true! It’s kind of fun just to read the nonsense. As always, you have me wanting some real good iced coffee!

  2. I think we were separated at birth. Spicy and sweet is the best. My favorite snack is buttered toast, strawberry jam (or honey!) with lashings of Sriracha. It’s sooooo good. I think you would love it!

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