Weekend Wrap-Up; October Came Early in Montauk

The husband and I had quite the nice weekend.  <– do I always say that??!  A day of errands and a day trip up to Montauk.  We got to stick our toes in the sand!


We also had some tasty eats.

Here’s how most of the last two days looked…

Errands day opened with a late brunch bowl at home.


Apple Cinnamon Chobani topped with toasted coconut and pomegranate arils.  There was also a big blob of Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter hidden underneath the fruit.

Snacks of the day included two types of goodies from Haribo,


and a Honey Crisp Crispin that I shared with the husband.


This is our absolute favorite hard cider.

I also hungrily tore off bites of pretzel roll on the drive home from grocery shopping.


I went late in the day and Trader Joe’s was getting slammed. Probably because the shelves all seemed to be brimming with new pumpkin goodies!

Dinner was an Apple Month special (unlike what’s coming in the rest of this post!).


A toasted sandwich of Applegate Farm Smoked Turkey, TJ’s Light Havarti sliced cheese, and TJ’s hot pepper jelly, on Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Swirl Bread.


Plus TJ’s nacho kale chips and baby carrots on the side.


This sandwich was so yummy; love the spicy-sweet pairing.

Our drive to Montauk was nice and speedy (only about 2 hours; a Montauk local told me that traffic to the Hamptons cuts back nearly 2/3 after Labor Day) but it did require a little coffee.


We shared some Vanilla Chameleon Cold Brew with skim milk and chocolate milk on the drive up


and we got more of the good stuff locally while we walked around a ritzy shopping area.

We did lunch at Lunch, a lobster roll place right on the beach.


Adam was all about the hot lobster roll.


He shared a few hunks of buttered meat with me (gah! yum!), as well as his cole slaw.

I know it’s only September, but there were two fantasmic sounding pumpkin items on the menu, and who knows when I’ll go back to Montauk, so I couldn’t pass them up.  Pumpkin and crab soup.


And Post Road Pumpkin Ale with a cinnamon-sugar rim.



After lunch, a drive to the lighthouse, and a quick stop at the beach, we got more beer at the Montauk Brewing Company.


Their tasting room was quite cheap – $8 for 4 pours – and you even got to keep your glass.


I will definitely order their Driftwood Ale if I see it on menus in the city.

A final coffee for the road – I love Hampton Coffee Company


and we were on our way home.

We did dinner in front of reruns of “Chopped.”  We went high-brow with the food so it would match up with the high standards of the Chopped judges.


Pizza Hut pizza and Cupcake Wine Moscato.  Keeping it classy.

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