Things From The Week

Hello, hello!  I have a mere five things to talk about today, I was too busy with lots of little things last week to take many pictures.  I mostly wanted to check in and reassure y’all (MOM) that I’m out of my funk.  We spent the weekend eating tons of pizza and finishing up “The Office” and it totally cured my bad mood.

thing #1 – TV

Loooooooved the ending of The Office!  Pam was kind of starting to drive me crazy in the last seasons, but I thought the finale was perfect.  Both the wedding and the cameo made me cry!

thing #2 – Bars

Lots of on the go bites this week, and these were two of the best.  Zing Dark Chocolate Hazelnut.


I liked the chewiness.  And I was quite pleased by this


I also loved the KIND Honey Smoked BBQ Bar, though I accidentally deleted the picture of it.  This savory line is perfection for the times you want the convenience of a bar but not the typically sweet flavor.

thing #3 – Yogurt

I found the pumpkin spice Chobani!!!  But you know I won’t eat that until October, so more importantly, I found the Apple Cinnamon Chobani.


It was very delicious paired with pomegranate arils.

thing #4 – Baking

Part of what was keeping me busy this week were the three September birthdays in the Nutrition office.  I made a big batch of my Pumpkin Double Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Muffins and they got good reviews.

thing #5 – Coffeeeeee

I found Chameleon Cold Brew in NYC, finally.  Yippee!


I also scored more Stumptown boxes and the Blue Bottle boxes, so I’m going to have some extra-fancy caffeination next week.

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