Farmicia in Philadelphia

Our trip has been fantabulous thus far!  We had a wonderful time catching up with family and then we got to do some Philadelphia exploring.  My favorite things to do in a city are walk-walk-walk, people-watch, and eat and that is what we spent yesterday doing.

We hung out with my in-laws until around noon and then headed into the city.  Sidenote – to family members who have traveled with me before, you would not believe how relaxed I’ve been about our itinerary; I’ve gotten much better at playing things by ear.

I ate an apple and an Air Head in the morning.

I was super carsick on the drive in, but managed to rally for our first stop – Whole Foods hot bar for lunch.

I so miss living in a city with a WF!  We each bought a few small things but overall managed to contain ourselves.  From the hot bar I got kale, spinach, and two varieties of vegan “chicken.”

Everything was delicious but my stomach was still feeling off so I only managed about half of my food.  The husband, on the other hand, got crab and artichoke rice and loaded baked potato soup and practically licked his plates clean!

We spent some time just walking around and have both decided we would love to live in Philly, it’s too bad it’s not on our list of possibilities for residency.

One neighborhood was covered in gorgeous mosaics.

<– can you spot Adam in the last picture??

Our next stop was Little Baby’s for ice cream.

We tasted the pizza flavor (not vegan) which was astonishingly realistic and I ended up going with a scoop of the vegan sweet potato with burnt marshmallow.

This was the best texture I’ve ever found in a vegan ice cream!  The flavor was a little too spot on though, I don’t really want to lick spoonfuls of sweet potato for dessert, so I passed the 2nd half to Adam.  He got the caramel cardamom (not vegan) and was in heaven.  If I ever get to go back (I hope so!) I’m getting the coffee toffee (with Blue Bottle coffee) and the vegan speculoos.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around China Town.  We bought several fun things at markets.  And you know I got bubble tea.

Passion fruit black tea with boba.  I will most definitely be getting another today.

We didn’t run up the Rocky stairs or go to the Edgar Allen Poe house, but we did manage to walk past the Liberty Bell on our way to dinner.

I like to take in the culinary sights.

Dinner was a meal I’ve waited one and a half years for…

Farmicia!  I’ve wanted to go back ever since my first trip to Philly.

I agonized over the drink menu (St. Germain? The drink with lavender essence? The drink with hibiscus essence?!) and ended up going with the Elation.

Prosecco with rose essence and fresh berries.  It was perfect.  Though I did steal the savory components from Adam’s martini.

Rosemary and olive oil bread.

Adam ate his pumpernickel with herbed butter and I was a little jealous.

For my entrée, I went with the same meal was I did on my first visit.  Why mess with what works?

Corn Risotto Croquettes ratatouille, sautéed spinach, basil-parsley salsa verde.

Yuuuuuuuuuum!  I had to close my eyes and swoon after several bites.  The veggies were just as good as I remembered and the croquettes were out of this world.  So serendipitous that the dish I loved the first time was vegan.  I decided over this meal that my favorite flavor is “butteriness.”  Not butter, because there was none used in these buttery croquettes, but butteriness.

Adam gave the meal a 9/10 and said it was the best food he’d had in quite a while.  I concur!

I ate strawberry lime mentos for dessert.

We didn’t see our hotel for the first time until almost 9pm, so we were glad that it worked out.  The room was fancy in a strange way, like the honeymoon suite at a pay by the hour motel.

But the bed was comfy and Adam got a good night’s sleep.

Today he is taking an 8 hour practical exam that you don’t become a doctor without passing.  I know he’ll do great, but lets still keep our fingers crossed.  I set myself up at a table in the Reading Terminal Market and plan on spending the day reading.  And eating!

What is the strangest flavor of ice cream you’ve ever eaten?  Pizza definitely tops my list!

4 thoughts on “Farmicia in Philadelphia

  1. LOVE this post. Anxious for my own trip to Little Baby’s though I’ve enjoyed their ice cream from their cart before. The Pizza Flavor is evidently a “must try” in the city. So I MUST try, I’ll obey any randomly written lists.

    Those croquettes are SEXY.

    • I agree that it’s a must try, but taste don’t order. I took a sample and said “it is amazing how close they got the flavor. I’m glad I tried it, but I never want to try it again.” And the guy behind the counter was like “yep!”

  2. Pizza ice cream? That is awesome. I don’t think I have had anything close to that haha. I love Philly too! I am kinda hoping Mike will consider it for residency but we shall see!

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