Weekend Wrap-Up, Fun In Philly

My 29th birthday is tomorrow and the husband and I celebrated a weekend early with a trip to Philadelphia.


It was a quick visit, we drove in on Saturday and out on Sunday, but it ended up being one of the best weekends we’ve had in years!  It was great to have two full days to moon at each other.  We spent pretty much every second walking and/or eating <– our two favorite things!


I didn’t take many site-seeing photos, but I had to snap some pictures of the beautiful mosaics at the Magic Gardens.


We loved our last visit to Philly, so we repeated a lot of the same stops.  We even stayed at the same (perfectly located) hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best luck with orders at our restaurant meals.  I actually had to make a second stop to eat after both dinner and lunch.  Thankfully, our fabulous bites in between meals more than made up for the less good dishes.  I’ll write this post from worst to best.

Supper was near the Magic Gardens and the menu looked good, so we went there for {Sunday brunch}.  I had a glass of sangria and was a little bit tipsy for the drive home!


Sangria Blanca – seasonal sangria made with sauvignon blanc, cantaloupe, honey dew, cucumber, lemon, limoncello, and honey mint simple syrup over ice topped with club soda.

We shared a deviled egg flight that was only so-so.


And my chicken salad sandwich sounded good in theory, but was totally flavorless.  “Pastrami” Chicken Salad Sandwich – toasted grain bread, 1000 island dressing, caraway slaw, pickles / served with duck fat fries.


Those were so not duck fat fries!  I ate a few bites, then got Whole Foods hot bar for the road.  Adam loved his red velvet pancakes though.

I was so excited to get the vegetarian cheese steak from Carmen’s in Reading Terminal for {lunch on Saturday}.


I’ve been dreaming about this sandwich ever since I had it back in 2011.


It was ok, but sadly not as good as I remembered.  The last time they charred the seitan more.

{Dinner} at FARMiCia has become a Philadelphia tradition for me.


I get the croquettes every time, but I just wasn’t a fan of this version.


Why would you serve corn and rice balls on top of more corn?!  Carb City.  The best thing about the fall version of dish is the buttery spinach bed.

The rest of the meal was wonderful though.  Adam and I split a cheese plate to start.


The salty sheep’s milk cheese went perfectly with the sweet apple chutney.

I had a very refreshing watermelon mojito.


And we finished with cream cheese ice cream that was mind-blowing.


Gah!  I could not stop swooning over that ice cream.  This restaurant would have been worth the stop for dessert alone.

We stopped in at an adorable bar near our hotel on the way to dinner to split a flight of beer.


And then stopped back afterwards for nightcaps.


Then I iced my knees and ate bar food in bed and all was right with the world.

Our yummiest tastes were the things we ate while we walked around.  Like the watermelon, spinach, and kale juice from Sip N Glo.


This was 80% fruit and normally I would be mad that it wasn’t more greens-based but you can’t complain about fresh watermelon juice.

A great iced cup from Old City Coffee.


And a Vietnamese coffee from The Last Drop.


Ending on a sweet note, a S’mores Bar from Flying Monkey Bakery.


S’mores with sprinkles!  This tasted like honey and was ridiculous good.  Adam and I both thought it was the best thing we ate all weekend.


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