May The Schwartz Be With You

^^^ That’s a Spaceballs quote for my title because this post includes a lot of meatballs!

Best bites this week…

Coffee combo from heaven, Birch cold brew roast and chocolate milk.


Even better, chocolate milk with a Grady’s cold brew.


Yogurt bowl wins.  Chobani mango with blueberries and doughnut cereal.


2% Greek with blueberries and a big scoop of MaraNatha caramel almond butter.


Important note – this is my new all-time favorite nut butter.  If you eat it straight out of the jar (as I’ve been doing all week) it tastes like delicious frosting!


Ball!  I made a batch of baked turkey meatballs with sage, lemon, and whole wheat panade.


Served on lemon pepper broccoli rice / with gussied up tomato sauce – with tomato paste, shredded sweet onion, garlic, anchovy, and oregano.


Plus we made toasted meatball subs!  With smoked gouda and Parmesan.


And a side of roasted broccoli.


I also did another round of hot dish.  This time an Asian take with shredded turkey, ginger, gojuchang, peas, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and sweet potato tots.


And you can never go wrong with pizza.  What am I even going to do when I don’t live walking distance from buffalo chicken?!


I work the next three days but I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend!

6 thoughts on “May The Schwartz Be With You

  1. Wow! I wish I lived in a big city where I could walk for dinner!
    Do you tend you reuse your iced coffee cups from coffee shops? I just noticed that your at home coffees always look like they’re in plastic! I like to use my yeti because I can A makes a bigger cup and B it’s stay colder longer … have you considered making a switch??

    • I do have a few reusable mugs that I use but they don’t make it onto the blog because they’re not cute! I actually take home all of my plastic coffee shop cups and wash them for a 2nd use – it lets me feel a little better about using the plastic in the 1st place and makes it so I don’t have to cart a mug back and forth most days. I bought my mom a Yetti after the hurricane and she raves about it.

      • That’s a good point Emily! You are definitely putting the plastic to good use! 🙂
        I definitely use plastic cups when I travel or if I am out and about and I just NEED a coffee …

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