Superlative Eats

This week’s…

*Best coffee*


Inspired by my absolutely decadently scented hand sanitizer, I stirred cinnamon and vanilla bean into my coffee (espresso blend with chocolate milk).

*Best oatmeal*


Rolled oats with chia and freeze-dried blueberries, topped with a hefty scoop of cookie butter.

*Best yogurt bowl*


Maple quark with Heritage Flakes and pomegranate.

*Best lunch*




Sandwich week.  Spicy chicken on rye / Starbuck’s sandwich offerings are actually really darn good / Greek wrap stuffed with cucumber, tzatziki, and stuffed grape leaves.  <– the wrap was from a lunch and learn, our formula rep did a great inservice on the new ASPEN enteral nutrition guidelines.

*Best dessert*


Work party for a coworker’s birthday.  We had filipino ambrosia and I made brownies.



Fantastically ridiculous brownies! P.S. Amy Sedaris’ best-ever sprinkles are available here.


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