Weekend Wedding

I don’t have much food to share this weekend, I went to a wedding in Connecticut and the drive ate up a lot of my time so most of my meals were on the go.  Last night’s dinner was too yummy to go unblogged though.

Here were the weekend highlights…

The wedding was great, well-worth the drive.  The couple was beautifully in love, my salmon dinner was delicious, and it was great getting to spend time with some of my high school friends.




The day was bittersweet though, Adam was supposed to be a groomsman and ended up not even being able to attend the wedding because of work.  Sometimes being married to a surgeon sucks.

Owning this dog is never a bummer though.  Look at how freaking fuzzy he was after his bath –


I brushed his teeth the same day and he pretty much hated me all afternoon.

Coffee x ten thousand.


This was an iced latte with homemade vanilla-cinnamon syrup from a spot in Floral Park.

My yummy dinner was an Asian-flavors veggie bowl.


Roasted broccoli and cabbage / fresh edamame and yellow bell pepper / Asian sesame vinaigrette / cashews and wasabi peas.


It was a great mix of flavors.

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