Raisins, Ramen, Ready For The Weekend

This week’s food themes were…


Always.  TJ’s cold brew (<– super strong and bold) with skim milk and vanilla almond milk.


Starbuck’s new smoked butterscotch latte is fantastic.  I’m a total sucker for any limited-edition release and a butterscotch fanatic in general.


Iced latte from Milk Bar that was unexpectedly the best latte I’ve had all year.  Usually I have to request an extra shot of espresso to feel like I’m having coffee with milk instead of milk with coffee, but this was perfect even untampered with.


The compost cookie didn’t suck either!

—Old-school turkey sandwiches

Old-school = white bread with cheese and mayo and mustard, i.e. super unhealthy with no redeeming nutrition qualities.  From the cafeteria with tons of pickles and banana peppers.


And at home on a raisin roll with carrots on the side.


Speaking of dehydrated grapes, I also had this raisin brown sugar Chobani.


The yogurt was meh, I don’t care for the texture of the oat line, but the mix-ins were great – yellow raisins, walnuts, chia seeds, and fresh blueberries.


I went out on two ramen dates this week, thankfully it’s been good weather for soup!  Chuko (<– my favorite ramen in the city) with work friends for veggie miso with a soft egg.


And Ramen Yebisu in Williamsburg with girlfriend.  I was adventurous and got the seafood special, with seafood broth, prawn, snow crab, mussel, scallop, scallion, and seaweed.


I was super brave (the scallops were a different variety than the diver scallops you usually see and we didn’t even know what they were until we tasted them) and it paid off in the form of a giant crab leg in the middle of my bowl.

One more day and then I’m free for weekend fun!

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