San Francisco Recap, Day 1 & 2

If you follow me on instagram you’ve already figured this out, but {surprise!} I’ve been in San Francisco for the past week.  Adam had the last two weeks of November for vacation again this year so I took the time off as well.  We spent week 1 on the West coast and now we are headed off to Ohio for Thanksgiving family time.  So far it’s been great!

I have a ton to share from SF – we basically walked and ate all day, every day – so I’m going to try to keep myself from being too wordy, but I’ll still need to split this up into three posts…

We had non-stop flights each way which was awesome.  Monday we flew out around noon so we had a little time at home in the morning and then with the time change a full afternoon of vacation. Plus there was free television and movies on the plane which was basically the most exciting thing ever.


Plane food.  Coffee, plus a white cheddar and pumpkin butter sandwich and tasty pretzel sticks.


The time flew by and before we knew it we were struggling up super steep hills on our way to dinner.


We had a late reservation so we stopped for bubble tea first.  Brown sugar ice milk with egg pudding and grass jelly.  Apparently I love egg pudding.  And grass jelly.


And we got to keep our cool bottles.

Dinner was Waterbar, a sustainable seafood spot right near the Bay Bridge.


I got a cocktail with Buffalo Trace bourbon, Heering cherry liqueur, Benedictine, and orange zest.


We split a leek and parsnip soup with smoked trout that was very yummy (I had lots of good trout this trip).


And for dinner I did pan-roasted sablefish – caught in Fort Bragg, CA – with globe artichokes, butterball potato, grapefruit, nicoise olives, and chervil.


I adored the artichokes, but sadly didn’t like my fish at all.  This was the only meal that I didn’t love on the trip.  My food was practically floating in a watery sauce and I hate that.  Adam, on the other hand, thought my dish was great and basically licked his plate clean.  He enjoyed his ono with uni butter so much that I still definitely consider the meal a win.

And we did have brown sugar brioche bread pudding, with butterscotch pecan ice cream, for a fabulous dessert.


’twas a great first night.

Tuesday morning we headed out for a run in the neighborhood around our hotel.  We ended up happening on the Palace of Fine Arts.  It was beyond gorgeous.

outside the palace of fine artspalace of fine artspalace of fine arts 2

I am so glad we got to see it.

We had a beautiful morning exploring Fisherman’s Wharf.


Including a stop for a fresh bowl of crab chowder.


We took the ferry for a tour of Alcatraz.


Then we spent the afternoon at the Ferry Building Marketplace.


We loved it there and went back almost every subsequent day.  I was crazy jealous of people buying fancy mushrooms.


We shared a greens 2 juice from Pressed.


An iced coffee with milk and sugar from Blue Bottle.


And a Duck Yeah sundae – vanilla ice cream on duck fat pecan pie – from Humphry Slocombe.


I thought the ice cream was great, but not as good as Ample Hills.  Adam looooooved it.

We also hit up Slanted Door’s Out the Door for Vietnamese iced coffee and buns.


Chicken bun for me.


We had dinner reservations at SD later in the week and this first taste got us very amped up.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the piers and staring at the sea lions.


Snacks included salt water taffy,


chunks torn off a loaf of sourdough from Boudin,


and a very lackluster drinking chocolate from Ghiradelli.


The chocolate was literally the only dish that didn’t knock our socks off all week, a pretty good track record if you ask me.

We were exhausted from walking around all day so we did Mexican take-out and hotel room cable tv for dinner.


Mushroom nachos for me.


It was a great first two days!!

Wednesday and Thursday coming tomorrow…

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