Weekend Wrap-Up; Loki

We had a nice, low-key weekend around these parts.  Nothing major, though we did manage to get in good food, good beer, and an extra-long walk with the dog.

I spent Saturday afternoon volunteering at my hospital’s health fair discussing body fat percentages and BMI.


And Sunday we spent hours at the mall getting my dress for a wedding next weekend.

Here’s some of what I ate around shopping and volunteering…

Lunch at National Thai in Fort Greene.  We shared chicken satay.


And tofu Pad See Ew.


Our noodles were perfectly done; they were nice and chewy.  And they gave us a large enough portion that even sharing the meal we had enough leftovers to make dinner the next night.

Lunch at Au Bon Pain at the mall as a reward for finding an appropriate dress.  We shared a Caffe Viennese.


And I finally got to try the bbq chicken salad.


It was even more delicious than predicted.  The bbq chicken was great and there was soooo much of it.

Smoothie time.  Frozen raspberries with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and the last serving or so of a can of light coconut milk.


Adam loved it but this was actually too coconut-y for me.  I’m slightly amazed by that because later the same day I topped cold cereal with coconut butter and loved it.

Snack plate napkin.


Mary’s Gone Crackers Sea Salt Pretzels, Chocolove Espresso Dark Chocolate, and sliced cheese.

Something cool on our dog walk.


You can’t beat gummi bear cream ice.

Whenever we go to Trader Joe’s we split a coffee and/or giant soda and it makes grocery shopping feel much more like a date than an errand.


That was a clover brew of the Bourbon Brazil blend, with sugar and skim milk.

On Saturday, we were invited back into Brooklyn for a gorgeous bbq for dinner.


Our friend’s sister’s boyfriend is a chef and the food was ridiculous – also poorly lit, and therefore unpictured.  We had homemade Cesar salads, grilled radicchio, and grilled leeks and green onions with romesco sauce.

With a little love, our Thai leftovers made us a great dinner on Sunday.


I stir-fried them with shredded carrots, broccoli, and egg in evoo, green curry, and galangal (Thai minced ginger).


Even better than the first rendition.

How many weddings are you scheduled to attend this summer?


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