Weekish Wrap-Up

The title is sort of a pun!  Because this post is pretty weak.  Get it??

I’ve been all over the place with my posting schedule lately but it just feels right.  Especially this two-day “week” because I’ve been total snack monster so I’ve eaten a full post’s worth of food.  Here we go…

Cold-brew coffee with low-fat chocolate milk.


Oh, I noticed you admiring my nails {just go with it}, here’s a better shot –


I know they aren’t perfect – and I cleaned up the edges a bit after that photo – but I was so flipping proud to have managed them at all.  My hands have made me happy all week.

Onto pictures you’ve actually asked for… welcome to my office at work!



It is never as messy as my hair is in that picture {yikes!}.



I haven’t done much decorating, but I have a few touches to make it feel like home (mostly reminders of Webster).



But back to my mocha, that did not make me happy.  I bought a jug of chocolate milk and made a week’s worth of coffee… but I used the butter rum flavored coffee from Target and ultimately it is just too nasty to drink.  I ended up throwing out my whole batch!

I had this Dannon pecan drinkable yogurt on the train.


I was really impressed with how creamy it was.

Work lunch.


An apple,


and leftover shrimp pad thai from the weekend.


I still can’t believe we were able to make it taste so good/authentic.

Another lunch.  This one not nearly as photogenic.


Pumpernickel with miracle whip, grape jam, banana peppers, sharp cheddar, and smoked turkey.


A red pear.


And a mini Honeycomb chocolate from Chuao.


Snacks at work: Lots of tea from my Numi samples.


Haribo liquid center fruit gummi candies.


And a bag of Somersaults.


Snacks at home: A packet of tuna salad.


A ridiculous peanut butter fudge mug cake.


And a mini Firecracker Chocolate from Chuao.


I don’t know how they keep the pop rocks so fresh when they’re enrobed in chocolate but this bar had crackle!

Last night’s dinner was rice noodles with bean sprouts and tons of broccoli cooked in peanut sauce.


Normally this is one of our favorite meals but this dinner felt very meh.

And that’s all she wrote! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

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