I Love TV

As promised, a comprehensive list of the television I have loved.

It’s definitely worth noting that these are just the shows I really, truly, deeply love.  Adam and I watch a ton of tv and I really like “Modern Family,” “New Girl,” “Castle,” et. al. but they didn’t make the list of undying devotion.

I know a lot of people think that television is a waste of time, but it is the artistic medium that I find the most meaningful and moving – even more so than music, though a lot of what I love about television is closely linked with soundtrack.

the key:

  • {A} currently airing
  • {C} cops or military
  • {F} sci-fi or fantasy
  • {M} medical or science
  • {S} sitcom or comedy
  • {W} produced by Joss Whedon
  1. 30 Rock  {S}
  2. Battlestar Galactica  {M} {F}     Hated the finale but the use of music in this series was some of the best I’ve ever seen
  3. Bones  {M} {A}
  4. Brooklyn 99  {S} {A}     Surprisingly hilarious and the way they handle race, gender, and sexuality is perfection
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer  {W} {F}     If I had to, had to choose a favorite this show would be it
  6. Charmed  {F}
  7. Dollhouse  {W} {F}     The entire series is worth watching for the big twist alone
  8. Firefly  {W} {F}
  9. Futurama  {F} {C}     It’s not often that a cartoon will bring people to tears but the “Jurassic Bark” episode is universally lauded for turning on the waterworks
  10. House  {M}     Hate the finale – seriously, one of the worst episode of anything ever – but other than that it had great character development and growth
  11. Life  {C}     This show, on the other hand, had the best finale of all freaking time
  12. Parks and Recreation  {S} {A}
  13. Rookie Blue  {C} {A}
  14. Scrubs  {M} {S}     Before we started watching “Buffy” this was our favorite for years; I’ve seen every episode at least 10 times and it basically got us through teaching
  15. Seinfeld  {S}
  16. Stargate: Universe  {C} {F}
  17. Stargate: Atlantis  {C} {F}     Both Stargates did a wonderful job of creating characters that were everything you could ever strive to be while still being believable
  18. That 70’s Show  {S}     We were obsessed with Kitty and Red but we hated the final season so much that we actually never finished the show!
  19. The Nanny  {S}     Even now that the jokes are no longer topical they still make me laugh wildly

What are some of your favorite tv shows?  Did I list any you just can’t stand?

7 thoughts on “I Love TV

  1. Hey Emily I really liked your show list. Im a huge Buffy fan myself but don’t tell anyone k? Lol. You and Adam should check out True Detective the show is literally driving people crazy. Hope all is well with you both.

    • Marcus! You’re funny and smart, of course you’re a Buffy fan 🙂
      People keep telling us about True Detective, we’ll have to check it out.
      We miss you!

  2. This is sick, you know. I thought when TV was gone for a year (after the hurricane when you were 4) that we safely avoided this addiction (and we did, for many years, except for your weird attachment to the “Big Green Clean Machine” infomercial…that’s a different problem!)

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