Wrap-Up; Will You Be My Valentine?

Hi there!


Long time no blog.

I know I’ve bitched blogged about this before, but Adam’s schedule is killing me.  And he’s on a particularly busy rotation as of last week – with an insane commute – and I’m kind of losing my mind.  So I apologize for missing a post, but I just didn’t have writing in me.  I also missed many photo opportunities this week.  However, my valentine and I did have some great moments, so, in no particular order, is some of what I did capture…


Emmy’s recently stepped up their efforts to be environmentally and socially conscious and they sent me a box of samples to help spread the news.


From the company – Emmy’s Organics is a 100% vegan and gluten-free food company that prides itself on the quality, creativity & sustainability of the products it offers. The company uses only the finest non-GMO ingredients in everything produced. All packaging is made from biodegradable and earth-friendly materials. All goods produced are made in a vegan & gluten-free kitchen. For more information visit emmysorganics.com.

I opened, and devoured, the mint chip macaroons pretty much the second I got the box.



And the dark chocolate sauce was stellar on coffee ice cream.



The texture was wonderfully thick and smooth.

work lunches

Yogurt day.


Yogurt topped with fresh blackberries and a crumbled macaroon.  The macaroon was coconut vanilla, my favorite flavor thus far.


And the yogurt was Greek God’s Honey Salted Caramel.


That stuff is crazy thick and the smell is out of control.

Boxed to go.




Crisp Apple Cascade Ice that I bought with my own money because I enjoyed my sample flavors so much,


and a go picnic box.


I got a bunch of these on sale the other day and I’m pretty excited about them.

Cereal and milk.


An apple and a chocolate chili macaroon – the first flavor I didn’t care for, way too spicy.  And blueberry cashew super cereal which was loaded with buckwheat groats and dried fruit.



I bought a milk cartoon from the cafeteria.

new things

Birthday Cake M&M’s.


Meh.  The flavored m&m’s, while exciting, are all way too sweet.

Lady Alice apple.


Sweet!  The flavor is sweet instead of tart and the skin feels so much like an apricot.

Rockin’ Nut Road Snickers.


Sweet!  The marshmallow was great.

pizza pizza

Isn’t homemade pizza just the best?


We topped Trader Joe’s garlic and herb dough with pizza sauce, light mozzarella, sliced green olives, and tons of sautéed mushrooms.


Green olives are my favorite topping.


Morton’s birthday

The Morton Salt girl celebrates her 100th birthday this year and the company sent me a giant tin stuffed with goodies to celebrate.



In 2014 they are introducing the industry’s first Garlic Sea Salt as well as gourmet-style grinders for sea salt, roasted garlic sea salt, and black peppercorn.  Also, be on the look out for a brand facelift and these limited edition birthday packages.


Manhattan meals

We had brunch at Empire Biscuit that rocked our faces off.



Best biscuits ever! My (all butter, aka no lard) biscuit was topped with pimento cheese and black grape jam.


And to drink we split an iced Blue Bottle coffee.


Good God, I love Blue Bottle so much!

Another amazing, local coffee was espresso with skim milk from The Bean.



P.S. That was one of 4 coffees I had that afternoon.  My coffee addiction is still raging.

Puddin’, from Puddin’.


Adam and I shared coffee pudding and dulce de leche pudding with salted caramel sauce.


This stuff was insanely rich but so good.  We recommended Puddin’ to the family that took our table at Empire Biscuit and we ended up all showing up for dessert at the same time!  They loved it too.

Dinner with a Groupon at S’mac.


We shared the Buffalo Chicken and the Parisienne – Creamy Brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms, and fresh rosemary.


The crusts were the best part of both.  Adam is very jazzed about our leftovers.

What’d you do to celebrate Valentine’s this year?

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