Weekly Wrap-Up; Merry Christmas

I hope all of my Christmas-celebrating readers had a merry week!  We celebrated one day early, but had a lovely Christmas all the same.  Our best one ever, maybe!  Lots of nibbles are missing from this post (candy! Chinese food!), but here are the basics from the week –

Fashion Friday

Short week celebration flair.

DSC06696DSC06701DSC06704Christmas Eve.

DSC06719‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the office…

DSC06908Breakfast and Lunch

An on-theme Luna Bar.

DSC067162% Fage with Honey, an apple, and a leftover ABP chocolate peppermint shortbread.  I also bought a piece of pizza from the cafeteria but I didn’t have my camera with me.

DSC06706DSC06710DSC06714DSC06708Leftover pizza that was in my mouth before it could make it to the plate.  x3

DSC06782The last of the 0% plain Chobani with sliced banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup.

DSC06906An apple, Chinese candy, and a tasty turkey sandwich of Applegate Farms smoked turkey, light Jarlsberg, and dijon on a bagel thin.

DSC06871DSC06867DSC06869DSC06864Snacks Galore

The husband and I shared a Peppermint Dazzler.

DSC06724Also adorably tiny chocolate Santas.

DSC06860This halvah came in my stocking (thanks, mom!).


Adam worked all day on Christmas but we both had half days on the 24th so we celebrated a day early!  Honestly the best gift of all was getting to spend a weekday afternoon with my husband.

But our new tradition of (homemade) pizza for Christmas Eve dinner was pretty great too!

DSC06749We tried our hand at 2 ingredient pizza dough.

DSC06736Topped with marinara, tons of sautéed mushrooms and green onions, and freshly grated gouda.

DSC06744DSC06755I’m always a fan of sautéed mushrooms (and gouda!) but the dough was out of this world.  I quickly declared this the 2nd best pizza I’ve ever had and the best meal of the month.

With our pizza we drank big glasses of eggnog,

DSC06730DSC06727DSC06732and split a Shiner Cheer.

DSC06757The beer was so peachy good.

Opening presents was a ton of fun.  Our families were too good to us.

DSC06740We’re terrible at waiting so we exchanged anniversary presents (ours is this Saturday) that night as well.  The modern 6th wedding anniversary present is candy – the traditional is iron – so that’s what we gave each other.  Adam’s snack shelf has ruthlessly encroached onto coffee territory.

DSC06771For Webster we spent $20 replacing an old favorite, Pig.

DSC06759New Pig was rated 8/10 on the durability scale.  He lasted less than 3 minutes.

pigThe dog is a monster.

I was home on Christmas, so I spent hours in the kitchen making homemade tomato sauce.  Served on pesto tortelloni from TJ’s.

DSC06893I don’t know quite what went wrong, other than too much onion and crushed red pepper, but I basically made homemade salsa.

DSC06897This was not a success.

Dinner for last night was supposed to be more “pasta sauce,” but I just could not bring myself to eat it again.  Instead we got Thai take-out; Pad See Ew and Cashew Shrimp.

DSC06913DSC06910Much better.

What is your Christmas dinner tradition?

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